Can America Lead World to a Carbon Free Future?

air pollutionThankfully in our constant climate news tracking we are noting less debate about climate change's existence and proposing of dangerous half-measures, and more scientists, citizens and policy-makers proposing dramatic efforts to cut emissions as fast and as much as possible. For example in a recent speech Al Gore made brave and substantive proposals [more] for an immediate freeze on carbon dioxide emissions and elimination of payroll taxes in favor of pollution taxes – both are not politically easy, but are imaginative and at the scale required to solve the problem. And a Stanford University conference notes that humanity has 500 to 1000 years of fossil fuel, mostly coal, that could be burned. “China alone is building the equivalent of a Manhattan every year and a large coal-fired power plant every week.” They propose moving to a “massively carbonless” future by 2050 through increased energy efficiency and massive renewable energy developments. It is vital that these and other measures that are sufficient to actually address and solve the climate crisis are carefully debated, developed and implemented now.

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  1. Edward Romanoff says:

    Can you please post this on your Blog? From Edward Romanoff ..
    Re: Before, after and the next 9/11 …
    As a young man, growing up in Siberia setting fires on thawing permafrost was a favorite past-time. Then, little did I know, these flames were burning methane and I had stumbled on to a contribution to Global Warming, an indication of how the world could end.
    In the U.S., I joined the Preventech Foundation the developers of technologies preventing Global Warming.
    We submitted these technologies to the authorities, but received no response. Finally, the article in Fresno Bee by Seth Borenstein AP (09/07/06) might convince the Public, that there is no escape from Global Warming. So, we have submitted this technology again! As you may have guessed

  2. Sarah moore says:

    please give me ur information for my task about global warming.
    2 donnycarney rd
    dublin 9
    ireland. sarah.

  3. Dr Ali Bakir says:

    It is generally acknowledged that the solutions offered to counter climate change are woefully inadequate. We might just begin to seriously address climate change by decreasing “consumption”. This can be realistically implemented first in the developed democracies of the West. As consumption in the West accounts for most of the world consumption of manufactured products and services, an effective policy of reducing consumption is to introduce birth control with a target of, say halfing the the Western countries' poulation by 2080. By doing so, we would have seriously decreased carbon emmisssion to a scale which might just be sufficient to avert the looming crisis. Such a radical but realistic policy coupled with gradual boycot of the products of high poluting companies – starting with Western companies which have shifted their production to India, China and other developing SE Asian countries, where they can polute at will – will send a strong and effective message that the high consumer society will only consume clean energy products. It will also force policy makers in these developing regions to adopt similar polices if they are to attract the hard currency which they so badly need and stay in the global market.

  4. Dr.Moosa PhD says:

    may i ask Global leaders to save siachen and other himalayan Glaciers..
    please look at the story Exchange Siachen confrontation for peace
    Q. Isa Daudpota and Arshad H. Abbasi
    Opinion-makers in India and Pakistan should tell their governments to stop ruining the future of our water supplies and our weather system. Bringing the troops down from Siachen would be the first step.
    BACK IN 2003, one of us (Daudpota) signed an email petition titled the Siachen Peace Park Initiative located at the glacier that bears this name. It had to do with getting India and Pakistan to withdraw from the futile conflict in the mountains and to let nature revert to its snowy tranquillity. “As part of the normalisation process/confidence-building measures, the governments of India and Pakistan are urged to establish a Siachen Peace Park to protect and restore the spectacular landscapes which are home to so many endangered species including the snow leopard.” This was the statement adopted as a lead-up to the 5th World Parks Congress held in September 2003 in Durban, South Africa.
    The petition was a follow-up to win widespread support for the idea from citizens of India, Pakistan, and around the world, so that the Indian and Pakistani Governments could move forward without loss of face, or strategic liability. Sadly there has been no progress in resolving this decades-old dispute.
    But new strongly worded reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released on February 2 this year could perhaps make the decision-makers change their minds about this wasteful, futile conflict. The IPCC forecasts that global temperatures would rise by 1.8 degrees Celsius to 4 degrees Celsius this century. There are already signs that South Asia will be one of the worst affected regions

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