Gadgets Eating More Energy

iPod and energyThe Toronto Star reports on the increased electricity load caused by the plethera of consumer gadgets including plasma screen TVs, DVD players, computers and iPods. Their observations would hold consistent for most if not all of the developed world. They note:

“The growth of electronics and small appliances in Ontario households over the next 20 years will require the equivalent of two nuclear reactors to keep them powered… 'In the old days, there was one TV (in a home); now there are at least two TVs. It's the same for computers, and that is all reflected here…' According to the paper, the energy consumed by minor appliances will grow to 20.32 terawatt-hours in 2025 from 12.71 terawatt-hours in 2005, representing energy growth of 7.61 terawatt-hours.”

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