Climate Changing Faster than Predicted

air pollutionJohn Holdren, President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, states in a BBC interview that “climate was changing much faster than predicted” and that “the world has already entered a state of dangerous climate change” [more]. There has always been a range of possibilities in the speed and extent of the impacts of climate change. Fossil fuel industries fought ferociously to keep mention of abrupt non-linear climate changes [search], and predictions of the possibilities of the most extreme ocean rise and global heating out of international negotiations. I have just finished reading “Revenge of Gaia” by Lovelock which also argues climate changes are already catastrophic and virtually non-stoppable. I concur with the assessment that the Earth has surpassed its capacity to absorb atmospheric waste and has entered a chaotic period as it seeks a new equilibrium. Climate change is already deadly and out of control and it will get much worse – how bad depending almost entirely upon the speed with which greenhouse gas emissions are cut [search].

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