Rich Nations Failing Climate, Time to Protest?!

Industrialized nations' emissions of greenhouse gases edged up to the highest level in more than a decade in 2004 despite curbs such as Kyoto meant to fight global warming. Emissions from 40 industrial nations climbed 1.6 percent since 2003 overall to 17.8 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide — mainly from power plants, factories and cars. It was always known Kyoto's tepid targets were clearly inadequate to achieve the 60-75% reductions in greenhouse gas emissions necessary to maintain a stable climate. The political system and entwined oil interests are simply not up to the challenge of decarbonizing the global economy. Increasingly other smaller political units, businesses and even individuals and small groups protesting are taking up climate leadership. In the UK protestors are now trying to shut down Europe's largest coal power station [more | more2]. If the world's coal is burned the atmosphere is over.

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4 Responses

  1. Giles Augustine says:

    Something must be done. I agree global protest and organizied peaceful activism is the best answer. We must have our voice heard, before it is too late. Everywhere on the planet ecosystems are suffering, biodiversity decreases by the second. We need to organize a protest in every industrializied nation, and every other nation for that matter for a new kyoto agreement, that aims at A reducing emissions, B developing new technologies for remewable energy sources, and resustaining ecosystems devasted by global warming and pollution. Any suggestions.

  2. I think We have come to a point that organized global action is urgently needed to put effective pressure on every government in the world to cut co2 emission and to formulate concrete plans to switch to renewable energy before it's too late.

  3. Someting does need to be done. we need more capitalism. Mother nature want us to be capitalist. I explain at my blog. please visit

  4. I can see no country which is not practicing capitalism nowadays except Cuba, North Korea and Bhutan etc. a small group of negligible small countries. So if capitalism could solve environmental problems, the crisis of global warming should have gone long ago.
    Don't forget that most coal mines, oil fields, coal fire stations, auto industries etc. are owned by capitalists. And it's also the capitalists owned mass media which has been promoting the sort of wasteful lifestyle that makes our beloved Mother Earth find unbearable.

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