China Denies Plundering World’s Rain Forests

China is directly responding to claims made for years by EcoInternet and others that its importing of illegal and endangered ancient rainforest timbers must end. Despite well documented reports of illegal logging trade (search | news) between China and Burma, Indonesia, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea; the government has flat out denied that they are meeting their booming economy's need for timber (when there is a ban on logging domestically) from rainforest timbers. Where are all those illegally begotten timbers going then? I would not place a great deal of merit in governmental statements from a totalitarian prison state. Earlier this year China denied using ancient rainforest timbers for Olympic construction, yet the media still reports Indonesian Olympic rainforest harvest for just such a purpose.

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  1. Glen Barry says:

    We have accidentally lost about two weeks worth of comments. Our apologies. We only remove comments that are abusive or off topic. This was a technological gaffe.

  2. Mari Thieme says:

    For any nationality for dacade people has been recieving so much from forest and just for the short term money recovery we will be ended up paying much more in future for all the desaster that gonna come without a forest. ancole watt was a good example it banished. Also look at china's pollution problem. Forest is the one reciclying all the polution for breathable air.

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