Malaysia’s Belum-Temengor National Park a Step Closer

HornbillLogging has ended in a portion of 130 million year old ancient rainforests in Belum-Temengor, in Northern Malaysia near the Thai border. Recall that in May EcoInternet's Earth Action network supported local conservationists including the Malaysian Nature Society to have this area's 300,000 acres of hornbill filled rainforests given the strictest of ecological protections. The alert asked that this and adjoining Belum rainforest be declared a National Park. Ending of logging in one area is certainly a positive step towards this eventually happening.

More on Malaysian Nature Society's campaign to “Save Belum-Temengor” including signing their petition can be found at . We will reissue our archived alert at the appropriate time. Until then, there remains the matter of the treatment by Malaysian logging companies of the Penan indigenous peoples and their rainforests to take action on at:
Malaysia Must Stop the Violence Against the Penan and Logging of Their Rainforests

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4 Responses

  1. sylvia raye says:

    Every effort must be made to stop the plundering of this planet. If we dont we are on a slippery slope to nowhere. I think sadly we are on that slope already.

  2. Mahy Joël says:

    Save the forest!!!

  3. tim wright says:

    nice article

  4. tim wright says:

    what animals in the region will be effected?

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