Trans-Atlantic Carbon Market?

Britain and California have formed a trans-Atlantic partnership to address global warming [more], bypassing the Bush administration to explore ways to curb greenhouse gas emissions and promote clean-burning fuels. The pact appears to be largely symbolic, though British Prime Minister Tony Blair and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger are investigating laying the groundwork for a new trans-Atlantic market in carbon dioxide emissions – a marvelous idea. Blair and Schwarzenegger announced their collaboration during a meeting to exchange views with industry CEOs in a round-table discussion on how to work together to accelerate the deployment of clean-energy technologies. The Bush administration was notably absent from the list of participants. If this trans-Atlantic carbon market truly eventuates it would be a momentous moment as California would be accepting a cap on carbon emissions [more], something that the national government has fiercely resisted. This move would be a thorough repudiation of the President's lack of leadership on the matter (Alert).

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4 Responses

  1. The Wolf says:

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    Greetings from SPain.

  2. Matt says:

    This great accomplishment is truelly happening because of an “odd couple. As California goes so goes the nation(US)”. Maybe Blair will take some information on this Global Warming success back to Bush…anything that is fast at this point! I am not hopeful.

  3. Mort says:

    Arnold got off to a rough start but seems to be improving. Someone has to lead this charge, might as well be him. The Brits and Japanese need to keep hounding the U.S. to do something and we need to take action. Japan is getting hammered by aerosols from China and the U.S. needs to green up its act as well. Coal is not the answer. Oil is not the answer. Conservation and green technologies are the answer.

  4. Margaret says:

    Blair expected a better response from Bush in regard to his efforts to bring about international agreements to address climate change. This was especially so because Blair carried water for him on the Iraq war — still does. He has been genuinely upset that Bush would not work with him on more effective international carbon emission curbs.
    So now Blair decides to work around him, while a dozen or so states try to do the same.
    The change must come through international accords and the US must play a leading role (being the number one carbon emitter). But hopefully what is bubbling up from below and all around the US government will finally create its own tipping point and force an abrupt change in policies — especially if we can change the balance of politics in Washington through the upcoming elections.

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