Climate Apocalypse Now

air pollutionEverywhere one looks the Earth's climate is going to hell threatening civilization. Just recently the potentially cataclysmic positive climate change feedback of methane being released from warming oceans has again been highlighted. Earlier researchers solidified the link between climate change and wildfires. If the world's forests burn – particulary the Amazon – this further positive feedback would release huge stores of carbon which will further intensify warming and climate variability. Meanwhile Europe is experiencing a deadly heatwave perfectly consistent with global warming science's predictions (search). And the combination of a continental heatwave in the U.S. and Al Gore's truth telling seem to be waking up American's leadership somewhat from their stupor. And overshadowing it all are the militant results of decades of oil production at any cost in the Middle East threatening WWIII. Perhaps the best we can hope for from this tragic situation is a major oil disruption that hastens societal change before the atmosphere becomes dysfunctional.

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  1. Bryan Leyland says:

    On the other hand, New Zealand is having a record spell of cold weather and I believe that Argentina is too.
    But I note your site has ignored the peer reviewed Barton/Wegman report by three expert statisticians that states that Prof Mann's work “cannot support the claim that the 1990's were the warmest decade of the millenium.” The Hockey Stick has no clothes and should no longer be used to support claims of dangerous man-made global warming. To continue to do so amounts to misleading behaviour and could lead to legal action.

  2. kiwi says:

    Our biological programming to procreate and secure our existential position by any means possible( A programme shared with all other species):In our case our unique intelligence and use of fingers,hands and arms,which other species don't have,combined with technology and machines to release huge amounts of energy for our use from the fossil fuels:Have crashed us into the finite organic system of planet earth.
    As George Monbiot has said concisely:If we burn the rest of our oil civilisation collapses due to accelerating climate change;If we don't use the rest of the oil our civilisation collapses because it's hardwired to oil.
    The root cause of this planetry crisis is overpopulation due to fossil fuel energy subsidy.
    We have been propelled by nature ,our procreative urges,and survival instinct too,into this position yet nature is now calling “Time Up”.
    So we have to reduce voluntarily our population impact or nature will do it for us,probably through a massive civilisation collapse worldwide.To avoid immense suffering we all must begin to Powerdown and reduce our numbers and halt economic growth(Refer Richard Heinberg's book “Powerdown”)
    The previous comments are simple orthodoxy to the environmental movement and ecologists and not original However…

  3. kiwi says:

    Re Mr Leyland's comments:
    If he's a Wellingtonion he should expand his understanding by seeing Al Gore's film “An inconvenient truth” showing at the Wellington Film Festival,Embassy Theatre sun 23 July 11.00am.
    Gore is an establishment former presidential contender.In the film he clealy demonstrates dangerous climate change really is happening and it's certainly man made.
    I wasn't aware that hockey sticks wore clothes but the majority of the world's climate scientists are convinced that it is a good horizontal metaphor for the sharp and continuing increase in temperatures in recent times.
    It's ludicrous to talk of misleading behaviour and legal action.Perhaps we could legislate climate change out of existence, not politically Correct?Interferes with business as usual?
    A recent speech to Federated Farmers was made where environmentalists were accused of “making war on humanity!” This man wasn't laughed off the podium but given a serious hearing!
    Does Mr Leyland work as a legal help somewhere? Legal text books have no relevance to a Planetry System in climate crisis.

  4. In response to kiwi:
    Have you studied the work of M&M and the Wegman report? If not, please do so and with an open mind.
    I live in Auckland. Gore's movie features the now discredited hockey stick. Many other aspects of it – such as rapid sea level rise – are not supported by evidence or by solid research. Can you proide ANY evidence – other than hearsay – that the majority of scientists are convinced? And what if they were? I could find a majority of Reverend Gentlemen who believed in creation. Would that revelation affect continuing evolution?
    It is not lucridious to talk of misleading behaviour. IPENZ and NIWA are right now advertising a course for engineers (for $$) on how to design to avoid the PREDICTED effects of climate change. Yet IPCC warns against using the output of climate models as “predictions”. I challenged them to provide evidence that the computer models had given accurate predictions and they admitted that they couldn't. The fair trading act takes things like this quite seriously. They are selling snake oil (an ineffective remedy for a non-existent illness).
    I am grateful for your ad hominem attack on me. It allows me to tell you that I am part owner of a 1000 kW hydropower station. If NZ is stupid enough to stick with Kyoto and impose carbon taxes or carbon trading, my station will make huge windfall profits! But I was at a climate conference on Thursday where the income and reputation of many of speakers would be at risk if the whole AGW house of cards collapsed. Why is the finger only pointed at skeptics?

  5. Kublai Kahn says:

    mr Leyland is a troll. He belongs to a small but vocal group of morons, oops I mean a small but vocal group of sceptics who are best ignored.

  6. rob beijer says:

    hello Br. Leyland,
    The answers to your questions are adressed here:
    But I have a slight notion that you already knew this!

  7. Miriam says:

    Mr Leyland is correct, in my view. As a taxpayer partly funding NIWA I resent misinformation being spread by this so-called scientific organisation. They are just mouthpieces for the government and for government policy which is to impose carbon taxes down the track. At the moment the government don't need the Greens anymore as they have the numbers from NZ First. But if they needed the Greens again they will swing in the carbon taxes to get the Greens onside. NIWA will be out there justifying it with nonsense about rapid climate change requiring urgent measures and it will be all on. Already they are talking about the “battle against climate change”, as if people are getting mowed down by it. Blair, Clinton and Gore have said climate change is a worse problem that terrorism. What idiots. I would much rather have a warmer world than a more terrorised one.

  8. Hope Ful says:

    OIL COMPANIES. OIL COMPANIES. Through campaign contributions, Pay the presidents salary, pay the majority congressional majority salary, and of course create and design any news read. You eat, breathe and drink ONLY if the Oil companies say you can. WE ARE THE OIL COMPANIES BITCHES. Nothing more.
    WE DONT NEED OIL. Nuclear Power, is so perfected now, it can run(and could for the last 2 decades) run ALL our domestic needs. ELECTRIC CARS, COMBINED WITH SOLAR PANEL ROOFS to recharge them every nite means NO need for gasoline period. CIAO CIAO TO OIL COMPANIES. Exxon bough to the patent to these electric engines and destroyed them. OIL POLITICS NOT NOT NOT technology is why we will go extinct in 5 years. Does a species deserve to rule any planet with idiotic suicidal greedy members like this in our species?

  9. Miriam says:

    We don't need nuclear. Oil aint gonna run out. They have created scarcity to keep up prices. You will know oil is running out only when oil futures soar. They are however steady. Nuclear will cost everybody heaps more. It's not just the cost of putting up reactors, it's the security expenses, the maintenance costs, the disposal of waste costs and all that infrastructural management and bureaucracy that has to accompany the industry wherever it goes.

  10. fred murray says:

    Wow, are you a bunch of idiots. It is just increadable how little you understand and yet how smug and arrogant you are….

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