Global Heating, 2006 Hottest Yet

Is it getting hot in here? Apparently so, as the first half of 2006 was the warmest on record in the U.S. – 3.4 degrees above the 20th century record:

“January through June was the warmest first half of any year in the continental United States since records began in 1895, U.S. government scientists reported Friday. The average January-June temperature was 51.8 degrees Fahrenheit — 3.4 degrees above the 20th century average, according to preliminary data reported by scientists at the National Climatic Data Center…”

How soon until the intensity of wildfires (search), water scarcity (search) and flooding (search) elsewhere, deadly heatwaves (search), and extreme weather including hurricanes (search) and tornadoes (search) makes us realize that global heating will be chaotic and deadly?

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  1. kiwi says:

    Here in New Zealand it's our Winter.At the start of the Winter our chief Met Man said co2 levels over NZ were abnormally high.In Wellington we seem to be having 2 days warm spring temps then 2days winter weather then 2 days warm spring and then 2 days winter etc. etc.
    Others have noted the same to me without my prompting them.
    If I recall correctly the met people said the winter month of June was one of the warmest ever.
    Along with the above we've had so much rain as to cause floods and earth slips along with the warmer weather.
    The South Island has had its biggest snowfall for 60 years,some people were without power for up to a week as workers struggled to restore fallen power poles.A satellite photo of the South Island showed 95% ,it seemed,blanketed in snow!
    My feeling ,the 90's here we had lots of drouts and dry weather,felt at times like Spain! Then to my disappointment from 2001 onwards the climate to me has got wetter,which I don't like.
    These are impressions without claim to scientific certainty,climate change however is a reality therefore logically these weather patterns must reflect that reality.

  2. Tim Burrows says:

    Although it is happening relatively quickly in geological terms, climate change is a slow process, and the impact on the weather such as wildfires tornadoes etc will not be seen for some decades yet.
    It's the same as the problem of the frog in boiling water – something so slow as to be undiscernable, yet deadly in its nature, which is not acted upon until it is too late.

  3. Joe Yangtree says:

    The true opponents of global warming will not be swayed by scientific or empirical evidence. I had a debate with the right-wing blogger, reliapundit, recently where every point of his was easily refuted. He never corrected any information or admitted any errors. After getting crushed on a point, he'd just move onto another one and we'd repeat the process. I blogged the whole exchange here.
    I think it's important to publicize exchanges like this so that all those in the middle who haven't made up their minds can see just how weak and clueless the opposition is and how reason-free their arguments are.

  4. Yes, the climate is changing, no doubt. We have now 26º C in a time of the winter in Argentina when we should be having a maximun of 17º C.
    But looking back in our meteorological records I saw we had 35º C in July back in 1951, and several other years we had more than 30º C in July -what makes me wonder why was warmer back in 1951 when CO2 levels were lower than today? Doesn't the theory say we should be warming? Actually, the center part of Argentina has been clearly cooling since 1987!!
    Crazy thing!

  5. Gordon Weiss says:

    Sydney has just had its coldest June for 24 years, which just shows how unpredictable the weather is.

  6. Lars Jordhøy says:

    I'm concerned. Up here in the north at the end of september we normally have autumn with trees giving us those beautiful yellow- orange coloring. Birds flying south and the air getting colder and fresher. The status to day 24 of sept is almost 20C, humid and people still go for a swim in the sea. Some places have got the second period of blooming and you have to take a close look to find yellow leaves. I was planning to get new skies for the vinter season. I think I'll rather freshen up my scooter 'cos I dont think there will be any snow in Oslo this season.

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