Criticism Grows Over Pipeline Which Will Devastate the Amazon

Here is an important update on plans by Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina to build a massive natural gas pipeline through Brazil's Amazon rainforest. In March, the Rainforest Portal and EcoInternet took the lead in making this a global issue, as our network mobilized to campaign against this potentially 9,000 km long pipeline. The proposed project would pierce the heart of the Amazon – devastating rainforests, water resources, the climate and indigenous populations across a huge swathe of South America – and ensuring the destruction of the Amazon as a large, operable whole. The article indicates that opposition is growing and the pipeline's prospects are fading. Let's end this boondoggle now – please send now and forward widely the still current and urgent alert: Massive Gas Pipeline to Pierce the Amazon.

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4 Responses

  1. Judith Topham says:

    do have a wonderful vacation. You certainly need some time out. find a beautiful tree and relax under it.

  2. As much as I like this proposal, and think that sinking this sort of pipeline is in my best interests, I'm not so sure about some of the logic along the way. Written is:
    “Both Brazil and Argentina have gas fields large enough to cover their own domestic demands. It is not clear that Venezuela has the capacity to maintain such a large steady supply of gas, nor that the gas could be offered at a competitive price given the huge investment required.”
    A) If they can meet domestic demands, that means they can EXPORT the surpluses, no?
    B) If it's not worth the investment, then businesses won't pay for it. They don't ruin the environment just for fun, because they're evil, they want to make money, remember? And if there's no money to be made, there's no pipeline, so don't worry about it.

  3. Mia Manners says:

    Right now on British TV, there is a new show on called Are Humans Changing the Earth? with David Attenborough. It is about our carbon hungry intensive lifestyles, and on last weeks show, he said that if we don't leave the Amazon alone,we will ensure her death as already rains are failing and rivers running dry. So my point is this, if the pipeline goes in, well whats the point? It seems at every last place on earth, we humans are determined to take her and by doing so, we are killing ourselves off.
    It breaks my heart.

  4. massyandra says:

    It's awful!!! We shouldn't destroy the nature, otherwise we'll destroy ourselves!!!!

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