U.S., China Determine Fate of Climate

smokestacksThe United States and China are deciding the global climate's fate as they meet energy demands by constructing coal-fired electricity plants that will release billions of tons of carbon dioxide. China alone is building at least one dirty coal plant a week. The coal industry's massive PR machine would have you believe that coal is becoming a clean energy source, which is the lie that may destroy the Earth's atmospheric system. While progress has been achieved in removing other pollutants from coal emissions, not so for carbon dioxide. Plans to bury carbon are unproven and decades from large scale implementation. The article notes that essential policies such as carbon taxes and energy efficiency sometimes fail on a cost-benefit analysis. But climate change – in its potential to devastate whole societies – is a moral issue as well.

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3 Responses

  1. krishnan says:

    What good are policies like Carbon Taxes etc when we really do not know the effect one more molecule of carbon may have on the environment. We may be at the verge of a tipping point after which there will only be a domino effect. I think we are already seeing proof of the fact that we humans have effectively “screwed” all the work of nature through the past millions of years. We should remember Nature does not work by collecting taxes. It is based on cause and effect. Everything else is a self dillusional concept.

  2. Glenn D says:

    Food for thought ! If coal fire plant's are so clean. How come i keep catching the coal companie's topping off the train cars with a lower SO2 coal. I run the coal sampling operations of a nuke plant with 4 coal fire plant's in addition . Before George Bush became president, you could hardly see the smoke from the stack's, now it's a dark beige……. Thank's G.W.B…..IT'S CALLED CHEAPER COAL TO INCREASE CORPORATE PROFIT'S. Remember their's different grade's of coal, it's not all the same, some are treated with Diesel Fuel, ( D-COAL ) more fire for the buck, what do you think china's going to burn ! Were already burning it. We inport Venezuelan D…. it's Cheap and it smell's like rotten egg's very high SO2 and burn's very dirty . Again cheap ! You have to see our cleanup crew's, they are so fast the E.P.A. NEVER CATCHE'S THEM . Our conveyor belt run's along the Gulf Of Mexico. When it rains, during the unloading of barge's, which are all D-coal ( Diesel Fuel Treated )the sludge run's off the belt right into the Gulf…….Nice . They know it , have they fixed it, no……..it cost money . So when they try to sell you on coal-fire plant's being clean….trust me…. B.S. Their's more horror storie's…. Anyone up for a debut on how clean coal-fire plant's are…….make my day !

  3. Glenn D says:

    Dr. Barry.
    It's true they can remove alot of Pollutant's from coal. They are called (SCRUBBER'S ) but they are not ( Mandatory ) we dont have them , they are too expensive to install .

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