Kyoto Countries to Discuss Post-2012 Cuts

In a half step forward for rationale international climate change policy, Kyoto Protocol signatories have agreed to a plan for setting new targets for greenhouse gas emissions reductions beyond current commitments to 2012. However, they failed to agree upon a timetable for deciding the level of those cuts. No amount of technology can obviate the need to cut the absolute volume of greenhouse gas emissions going into the atmosphere. Bottom line is all countries are going to have to cut their emissions; and to be fair, the already rich and over-developed countries responsible for the current climate crisis are going to have to make more dramatic cuts than countries with populations struggling to meet basic needs. Again, if the Earth's atmospheric system is to be salvaged, and the global ecological system to remain functional, there is no substitute for rapid and dramatic greenhouse gas reductions. The human family simply must find a way to make this deeply difficult transition to a low-carbon way of living if it is to have a civilized future.

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3 Responses

  1. Glenn D says:

    Admiral Yamato, made an interesting statement, when his country attacked Pearl Harbor. ( Im affraid we have awakened a sleeping giant ) He was right…. Japan paid very heavily . Today we face the same thing, it's called Global Warming and we have awakened a sleeping giant . This time, all the countrie's are at stake and we have learned nothing ! Who say's History does'nt repeat itself. When people celebrate this Memorial Day…… stop and think, is it worth pumping all that excess co2 into the enviroment for a day of self enjoyment. Or should we be looking at the well being of future generation's so they can have a Memorial Day. That seem's like the most civilized thing to do. Government wont do it, it's up to all of us including me !

  2. Berhane says:

    Kyoto is a joke. It is a government funded champagne party for rich European technocrats to feel like they are saving the world while looking down there rich noses at the unwashed hillbillies in the USA driving old pick-ups and turning on and off 100 watt bulbs with their clappers.
    I was recently in Africa. There are millions upon millions of people there that crave the standard of living we have enjoyed for decades.
    The streets of Addis Ababa and Nairobi are teaming with old tech wrecks spewing nearly raw hydrocarbons, let alone CO2, into the caustic air. The few people that can afford cars are jamming the streets. When and if their ragged and desperate economies awaken they won't be lining up to by shiny new Prius's.
    Then there is the true CO2-phobe's nightmare, CHINA. All the fluorescent light bulbs in the world aren't going to prevent this rising economic juggernaut from producing more CO2 than the rest of the world could ever hope to offset by even the most draconian measures.
    You doomsayers better hope your frightening predictions are wrong because unless you plan on denying the third world their trip to the development buffet your in the deep carbon.

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