Canada Considers Ditching Kyoto Targets

Arctic mapCanada appears poised to abrogate emission-reduction targets for the Kyoto Protocol's second phase. They have already all but quit efforts to meet the modest current Kyoto emission reduction goals. Failure of the international community to set aggressive greenhouse gas reduction targets would set back international climate change policy-making – such as it is – by decades. There is no reason to believe that voluntary pledges to reduce emissions can deliver the 60-70% reductions necessary to stop the global climate from undergoing abrupt, run-away and deadly change. The new Canadian Conservative government has followed the Bush oil oligarchy in obstructing international efforts to address the gravest threat facing humanity. Lots of conservatives are going to answer to their children as the world's climate brings down mayhem and suffering upon our future. Shame on Canada.

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4 Responses

  1. Glenn D says:

    China was just recently hit with a 170 M.P.H. T yphoon. The American Media did a 15 second report on it. Arrogance and Stupidity seem's to be spread thick. Prosperity over Survival seem's to be Thicker. Wolf Blitzer announced on his show, that his network got new rain gear for the up coming Hurricane season. If the scientific data is correct, they are going to need more than rain gear to deal with what's coming. That's if, they even have a studio to report it from. These people dont get it. The survival of the human race is at stake,what don't they understand. We cant take a wait and see attitude on this one, as Bush and the Canadian's and Australia are doing . It will be to late, if it is'nt already. I believe strongly, that this Hurricane season will turn head's like never before. The holdout's will have no choice,especialy the conservative's when they have to shell out hundred's of billion's for damage. (Money) will force them…………. after all they represent the Good Christian's………sheperd's of the land…… Right !

  2. Almuth Ernsting says:

    You organised a climate alert a while ago asking Australia to join the Kyoto Agreement. Might it be possible to have a similar action alert now, asking Canada not to abandon it – and to support a stronger post-Kyoto agreement? At least, Harper has no overall majority, so an international letter-writing campaign might have more of an impact.

  3. Glenn D says:

    Something has to be now. The Florida weather people are already tracking a low, forming in the Gulf Of Mexico already . Hurricaine season has even started yet. Some kind of alert campaign has to be started……..this is getting out of control.

  4. Bill O. says:

    There is no sense to continue down a road which leads to cuts you know you cannot make.
    Having a geological background, the notion of the greenhouse concept is not new. Heck it was written up in one of my old text books published in the 60's.
    While climate change appears to be happening, there is no link other than a correlation to human activity to believe that the climate change is linked to human activity.
    There are many issues missing from the equation – after all at one time there was glacial ice all the way down from the north pole to the state of New York..the climate HAD to warm in order to melt all that ice. The thickness of the ice from the past ice age is reflected in the deepness of the Great Lakes which were carved by those glaciers.
    If people really think the Kyoto accord is about stopping green house gases, they had better think again. Take time to read the accord and realize that the undertone is about transfer of wealth and technology to the developing countries. Furthermore, there is no penalty stated in the accord if targets are not met by the signatories.
    Finally, the Canadian team that went to Rio where the accord was hashed out, acknowledged that they got “caught up in the euphoria” and agreed to targets that were twice the levels they were supposed to agree to.
    I take my hat off to the Cdn government for realizing the reality of the Kyoto Accord and yet continuing to move towards reducing all pollution in a more realistic fashion.

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