Assessing Threats to Global Security, Put Climate First

smokestacksThe Washington Post notes that the cost of the Iraq war – now in excess of $300 billion – equals estimated costs of the U.S implementing the Kyoto Protocol. The best estimate is that it would take $325 billion over decades for the United States to implement Kyoto. This seemingly high figure led the Bush administration to argue that the benefits of the agreement did not justify its costs, unlike the Iraq war apparently. When one factors in already apparent damages from rising seas, extreme weather and ecosystem collapse; it becomes apparent that risks associated with abrupt and runaway climate change is not being properly computed and mitigated against. We can pay the price in terms of renewable energy, energy efficiency and emission reduction investments now or we can pay through the nose later, perhaps with our lives.

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4 Responses

  1. Glenn D says:

    Most likely, with our live's, with that ( Genius )at the helm !

  2. Glenn D says:

    Dr. Barry.
    Pay through the nose, is exactly what's going on. House Insurance in Tampa, has gone from 800 a year to 1800 a year, too (NOW)…. 3500 a year. In Miami they are paying, in some areas, between 5,000 to 8,000 a year. Many Retiree's are being forced to sell their home's . People are starting to get badly hurt. This is only the beginning !

  3. Glenn D says:

    Dr Barry.
    This just came in over the Florida new's. The Fed's want to ( Quarantine ) the entire Florida citrus Industry. The reason ……. Hurricane Wilma ….. spread citrus canker through out the groves. They cancelled the eradication program , because it's a waste of time now. No fresh fruit will be allowed shipped out of the state only juice. This will cost Billion's in losses to the state. Also a massive increase in price's on citrus through out the country. We are all paying through the nose for this now!

  4. Brittani Bradley says:


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