Canada Unworthy to Chair Climate Talks

Arctic mapCanadian Environment Minister Rona Ambrose will chair a UN international climate change meeting even as Canada reneges on Kyoto pledges. It is shocking that Canada be allowed to take a leading role in climate change negotiations when it has no plans for meeting its own Kyoto commitments, Canadian emissions are far above targets, and they are gutting government programs to reduce emissions. Canadian environmentalists are calling for Ambrose to resign from the post, given her negative views on Kyoto which could harmfully influence other countries that are in favour of setting tougher targets for the protocol's second phase. It is one thing for Canada to renege on Kyoto, or for America and Australia to fail to ratify, but obstructing other countries working for a constructive solution is truly appalling.

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3 Responses

  1. Kevin says:

    Maybe it'll work out? Ambrose will be placed in a situation where others will be articulating a need for dramatic action. Couple that with presentations of mounting evidence and she may go back to Prime Minister Harper and advise a turn around in policy direction. One can hope.

  2. Catherine says:

    According to Tim Flannery, the reason Canada has done so poorly in meeting emissions targets is the Alberta tar sands. As the price of oil rose, it became financially viable to extract oil from them, with heavy use of water and electricity.
    So we're behind our targets – that's no reason to abandon our efforts.
    As a Canadian, Ambrose's actions have disgusted me. She shouldn't be in that job.
    Is it possible to set up a petition here, or action email?

  3. Glenn D says:

    With the newly elected, Conservative Prime Minister Harper. Who's view's are very much in line with Bush's on global warming. It's going to be an upward struggle . Not unwinable though.

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