UN Climate Panel to Issue Dire Warnings

smokestacksThe Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the UN grouping of the world's leading climate scientists, states in a partial draft of their much anticipated fourth report that the world can expect to warm by 3C by 2050 – a level that has been termed “dangerous” by other studies. The IPCC is a traditionally conservative, cautious body whose findings are viewed as definitive. The draft report is more confident of human's role in climate change. The pattern of warming ocean, increased temperatures and melting polar ice make it “highly unlikely (less than 5%)” that these are natural changes. And dire climate change impacts are predicted to include drought and famine for 400 million people. The draft report was made public in an unusual fashion by the Bush administration in an attempt to defuse its impacts. The oil oligarchy obviously knows no shame.

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  1. Agroblogger says:

    More alarming and disturbing news from the IPCC. On this week's Beyond Organic radio show journalist Andrew Revkin, who has decades of experience writing about this issue, notes that polls consistently show an almost total lack of concern on the part of the American public regarding this issue.
    I'm not one to point my finger at the Bush administration for this…the American people elected him precisely NOT to tackle issues like global warming. Its up to our communities, not big government.
    Supposedly the new Al Gore flick “The Inconvienient Truth” is utterly transformative. Maybe such a high profile name tied to a mega-Hollywood film will provide the tipping point that years and years of peer reviewed scientific data never could.

  2. Glenn D says:

    Dr. Barry.
    My home state of Florida, was just put under a state of emergency ,due to the wild fire's. The National guard is being called in , thousand's of familie's are being evacuated, federal assistance is being ask for. This place is a tinder box,Tampa has restricted all watering indefinitly with very heavy fine's. The U.N. report is accurate and it's going to get worse.

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