Climate Change Science Sharpens, Urgency of Massive Policy Response Increased

Arctic mapThere have been several developments in climate change science this week. A U.S. government commissioned scientific report concludes there is “clear evidence” of human caused climate change [more | more2]. The study removes uncertainty regarding variance in recorded temperature increases between the Earth's surface and the troposphere, an issue frequently used by skeptics and the Bush administration to resist climate change policy actions. Meanwhile, the NOAA reported that in 2005 greenhouse gases continued their inexorable rise. And there is that pesky matter of Pacific air currents weakening, threatening to disrupt weather patterns over much of the globe.

And the world's governments are rallying with urgent responses. Right? Actually the new Canadian government has gutted funding for Kyoto implementation and during its chairmanship of coming climate negotiations have announced they will play a “ceremonial role“. Given Bush commissioned the report mentioned above, the U.S. government has absolutely no rationale for further dawdling. A U.S. and Australian refusal to embrace mandatory emission reduction targets is criminally negligent behavior. Meanwhile Chinese Inc. consumes all in its path to feed its dangerously unsustainable growth. Shame on the Canadian, American, Australian and Chinese governments and citizens who are destroying the Earth with reckless abandon.

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2 Responses

  1. Glenn D says:

    Dr Barry.
    Economic greed fuel's the denial. These people will see the light. Of couse, when half their citie's are gone and factorie's…. then they have no choice.

  2. phill Parsons says:

    Wher can one find the leaked draft IPCC report for release 2007.

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