Papua New Guinea Campaigner’s Award Shines Light on Illegal Logging

Annie Kajir epitomizes the fearless rainforest campaigner. The recent winner of the Goldman Environmental Prize has been beaten and harassed for her efforts on behalf of Papua New Guinea's rainforests. When only 24 she successfully took criminal loggers Rimbunan Hijau to court. What can we learn from her experience? Firstly, while there are many such activists that usually labor in anonymity, we need more. Pick a rainforest and dedicate your being to saving it. In PNG, the use of the courts to stop the logging invasion must be more adequately funded. The relatively uncorrupted court system may be the last best chance to stop the timber mafia from finishing off these critical rainforest habitats.

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  1. Joan Estes says:

    What does one do (apart from supporting this site 😉 if one wishes to target donations to organizations working for the preservation of forests in specific areas, such as PNG, the Brazilian Amazon, the D.R. Congo, etc.? I periodically donate to WWF, Greenpeace, RAN, and AWF, all of which do mostly good work, but I feel they are often not aggressive enough, and it is hard to tell where the money really goes.
    Any suggestions?

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