Energy Policy and Failure to Take Political Risks

windmillsAmerica and the world are undergoing both an energy and climate crisis. The LA Times notes that it is not lack of ideas, but rather political paralysis and fear of the risks involved with doing what must be done, that is hampering energy policy solutions. Any effective solution must include requirements for utilities to generate more electricity from renewable energy, mandated limits on the emissions of carbon dioxide, and significant increases in fuel economy. A rapid move to 40-mpg average for fuel efficiency for cars, which is currently at 27.5-mpg, is easily doable, can be further tightened in the future, and is absolutely necessary if both the personal automobile and Earth's climate are to have a future. I would add a modest carbon tax as being equally imperative to solving both crises. If elected officials refuse to lead they should all be thrown out of office.

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2 Responses

  1. Glenn D says:

    Change is alway's hard to swallow. But if we want to survive and that's what it's coming down to, we have no choice. The day of cheap oil is over and we have to understand that. The day of the super storm's is here and we have to understand that. The people, have to lead the way, not politician's. I see cars, boat's, r.v 's, s.u.v.'s all for sale on the side of the road. They are not doing this for global warming but high gas price's . So where are our prioritie's, it make's we wonder. Do we even have a chance !

  2. Nevi says:

    NEW Concept- World FIRST: The generation of unlimited , daily, clean electricity into the national power grid, in volumes that with implementation, will outstrip the combined power yields of wind and solar energy – Concept currently UNKNOWN as alternate energy source.
    Is it emerging that the global meltdown cannot be fixed by any economics team?
    In the light of the energy problems being experienced across the globe, I would like to be afforded an opportunity to present a solution to lacking energy policy, under the framework
    of a direct governmental agreement. I respectfully request such an arrangement due to the urgency of the global meltdown, avoiding the normal protocols of patents.
    I would appreciate the opportunity to tender the concept, to be verified by any governmental team of engineers, planners, architects and scientists to directly present their verified findings to the relevant senate committee.
    If interested in the proposal, I can more clearly outline the potential for massive job creation, financial stimulation and stabilization of the stock markets, and all related industry, and markets and ultimately the methodology that can be applied to achieving better energy security, helping wean economies from high oil dependance.
    Consideration of this proposal may lead you to conclude that less can be invested in wind/solar/biofuels, and still have a more positive energy yield. You might also consider the impacts of substantially lowered carbon emissions and the related effects on climate change that can be more directly addressed.
    As you see the nations of the globe deteriorate, in spite of every stimulus effort I would urge you to understand that liquidity, in this instance, can fix nothing.
    Thank you for any consideration.Perhaps take some time to read the content at the link below.

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