Global Warming Strengthening Hurricanes Now

hurricaneA leading U.S. government hurricane researcher has stated, using some of the strongest language yet, that “the hurricanes we are seeing are indeed a direct result of climate change and it's no longer something we'll see in the future, it's happening now.” There can be no conclusion other than that much warmer Caribbean waters as a result of human caused greenhouse gas emissions are fueling stronger hurricanes. Predictions regarding the likely impacts of climate change are coming true and one can only wonder whether society and government can avoid reality until it is too late to do anything about the Earth's disintegrating climatic system.

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6 Responses

  1. Glenn D says:

    Another Cat 5 Cyclone is heading for Darwin Australia right now. That make's 3 this year. If you want to add our 4 ( One more was ugraded from last year's season ) that make's 7 between the U.S. and the Aussie's in 11 month's . The same two countrie's that voted against Kyoto. Just another normal Hurricane and Cyclone season…….Right !

  2. Marc Sommer says:

    Is it coincidence that the States and Australia are the target of very heavy storms?
    Whatyou sow you reap?

  3. Stephen B says:

    ..or coincidence that they are occurring in the Gulf and Texas where the US gets the majority of its oil from. Talk about smoking gun. Of course it's illogical, but it is mythological, and that has power to change peoples perceptions.

  4. Things are going to get worse before they get better. I think it's unavoidable because of the state of the consciousness of the planet at this time. I am very optimistic that we WILL turn things around in the next decade.

  5. Mary Post says:

    Its the warming of the oceans that is causing the strengthening of the hurricanes. Until recently I was keeping a daily eye on our local water temperatures and every year they were gradually rising. They fuel the storms!

  6. Shanika says:

    IM SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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