Climate Change, Al Gore and “An Inconvenient Truth”

Al Gore presenting An Inconvenient TruthAs virtually all scientists, most of the public and increasingly the media have come to understand that the Earth's climate is perilously threatened, few have captured the gravity of the situation and lead as effectively as Al Gore – a climate hero of long-standing – who is on a veritable one man climate crusade.
The soon to be released An Inconvenient Truth documentary shows Al Gore speaking powerfully and truthfully armed only with a powerpoint presentation. The movie “eloquently weaves the science of global warming with Al Gore's personal history and lifelong commitment to reversing the effects of global climate change. A longtime advocate for the environment, Gore presents a wide array of facts and information in a thoughtful and compelling way. The film is not a story of despair but rather a rallying cry.”
This same spirit of inspired leadership is on display in Al Gore's recent essay in Vanity Fair entitled The Moment of Truth. He states that the “climate crisis is, indeed, extremely dangerous, but it also presents unprecedented opportunities.” Mr. Gore continues in stirring prose to highlight the dimensions of the problem and the potential for its solution to unite humanity to face this moral, ethical, and spiritual challenge.
An Inconvenient Truth
Trailer (2:30)
Rating: PG
In Theatres: May 24th, 2006

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22 Responses

  1. TheArtist says:

    Thank you for your wonderful informative blog. I have placed a link to you on my site as feel what you are saying here needs the widest possible voice. Keep up the great work, with best wishes, The Artist

  2. Simo Donner says:

    On a related note, HBO is premiering a film called “Too Hot to Handle” on Saturday, April 22 (Earth Day) about global warming. It features interviews with Jim Hansen, Michael Oppenheimer and a number of other scientists, and is produced by Laurie David, who head and the “Virtual march on Washington”

  3. Picture This says:

    Another related note, this time from across the pond. Flipside Vision Ltd. are launching the first – and one and only – calendar of Climate Change 2007. Be informed, study the wonderful and compelling images, and spread the word to friends and family.

  4. Dan Drew says:

    People always fall for this crap, “the inventor of the internet” is just trying to scare people by talking about something he is NOT qualified to talk about. He is out right lying that most scientists agree with him on global warming and his exagerations are despicable. There are mnany ways to find out the truth about global warming, but a very educational and entertaining way is to read Michael Chricton's “State of Fear”. Stop being sheep and do the some research for yourself.

  5. sage says:

    He is speaking the truth. He knows the science. Read it yourself. The “State of Fear” is totally incorrect. You need to be scared about this, the science is frightening, what's already starting to happen is very alarming.

  6. Glenn D says:

    Al Gore is no fool, he know's exactly what's going on . By the way ,another Cat 5 Cyclone is heading for Darwin Australia right now. That make's 3 this year. That's enough to scare the crap out of anybody. The World Bank and that ( Moron ) in the White House better get with the program or will all, be doing the Back Stroke real soon ! Time is running out real fast and we better wake up .

  7. Rod Adams says:

    Dan Drew – why would you say that anyone is “NOT qualified to talk” about something? This, is, after all a country where we are all free to talk and write. Mr. Gore may not be a scientist, but he has been thinking and writing about climate change for at least 15 years or more. He has some valuable insights and perspectives on the issue.

    I happen to agree with Mr. Gore that it is time to act. I support efforts to reduce human impact, including using more efficient vehicles, more efficient appliances, and even smaller homes (to a point). However, I think he underestimates the potential for atomic energy to make a significant impact when used IN ADDITION to other efforts.

    In his book “Earth in the Balance” (admittedly published a long time ago) he stated “The proportion of the world's energy use that can be practically derived from nuclear power is fairly small and likely to remain so.” I hope that he has learned more in the years since and realizes that there are less limits to the potential for nuclear energy than he initially thought.

    Rod Adams
    Editor, Atomic Insights blog

  8. Ed says:

    It’s interesting and I will see it with my young son. But I’m a bit of a pessimist, and think it will take a lot more than ‘Global Morality’ to solve the problem.
    I think a few more Cat 5’s in the Atlantic… maybe knocking out another Miami (ok, it was Holmstead), New Orleans, or some largish refineries… and the Insurance big boys may finally decide to step in to say ‘enough’s enough’ (~75 Billion from Katrina???!!). Seeing them pitted against big business (big oil, auto’s, etc)… would be interesting. Fighting Greed with Greed, lobbyist v. lobbyist, etc.

  9. Eric Lemelson says:

    In response to Dan Drew – It's unfortunate that some Americans, like Mr. Drew, are so out of touch that they cite a fiction writer in an attempt to counter the peer-reviewed work of thousands of scientists working in nearly every nation on the planet. Europeans get it. Why can't we?
    I've done the research, and can state unequivocally that you could fit all global warming sceptics with advanced degrees (I am not speaking here about college graduates with B.A's in meteorology) in a one-room schoolhouse. If you picked their pockets, you would find receipts for their earnings from the oil and coal industries. What, exactly, are Michael Crichton's qualifications to speak about climate change issues? The fact that he is a millionaire and wrote Jurassic Park, or the fact that George Bush chose to meet with him instead of meeting with his own scientists from NASA and NOAA? No doubt some people will continue to “debate” this issue long after the poles melt and we are baking in a self-inflicted oven.

  10. Teena Santiago says:

    Does anyone here know how I can get the rights to this film so we can show the film here in the Philipppines?

  11. Mr. Gore has written a brilliant and well though out essay. I agree with him 100%. The earth will be OK one way or another. WE may not. A rebalance will occur with or without our proactive action. If we ignore this and don't take massive action as a global society, the earth will start killing us off.

  12. Mike Osborne says:

    “the earth will start killing us off”
    Looking back to 2003 (from Popular Science) –
    “After years of warnings about the threat of global warming, its potential impact struck home in 2003 with an unexpected death toll from bouts of extreme weather.
    The most shocking was a heat wave in Europe that left nearly 15,000 dead in France.”

  13. Reality Check says:

    Sorry, the “Crimate Crisis” is simply not real.
    1000 years ago, the earth was much warmer than it is right now, as ecidenced by Eric the Red and his son founding a colony in “Vine Land” on what is now Greenland. Then got cooler and cooler, and cooler to the point where they could no longer grow crops and had to abandon the settlement entirely around the year 1400. Then it got warmer, and then cooler and then warmer and so on, till in the 1960's it was predicted that the world was heading for a global clooling crisis.
    Here's the point, the fact is the site of Leif Erricson's settlement in Greenland was always, right where it is now, on the water. This reality is completely devastating to the concepts being promoted by the the”Climate Crises Industry” and until they can provide theories which can explain this fact, then they should not be given an credibility what-so-ever. The problem for them is, of course, that should they be able to provdie a coherent explainaation for this, then all they will have done is provide evidence that diproves what they are claiming now. End of story.

  14. Dick Leakin says:

    How much CO2 was produced to make this movie? How much for Gore to fly around in his private jet giving speeches? How much for the publicity tour? How many fluorescent lights need to be installed just to break even on the additional CO2 produced by this movie?
    How much carbon could be sequestered if Al Gore and Lawrence Bender bulldozed their mansions, replanted the ground with trees, and lived in a 1 bedroom flat? How much CO2 could they reduce by simply parking their private jets? How come no one else asks these questions?

  15. carl johnson says:

    Is the earth warming up?
    YES”why? because of our
    star boys and girls,its going though a 20 year cycle,and when this cycle ends we will be back to normal. So don't panic children,and by all means
    don't listen to goofy gore.

  16. I loved Al's movie but at the end when things were mentioned that people could do to help change the looming situation he did not mention a vegetarian diet. I was really disappointed because factory farms are devastating to the environment, from the tons and tons of daily waste that lie in sewage swamps and leach into our water systems, to the amount of our crops that go to just feeding the animals, to the co2 gasses that are emitted by the animals (not to mention the terrible suffering that these animals go though). John McDougal's book mentions the devastation on the environment by the meat and dairy industries. Why didn't you mention it Al? Is it too hard for you to give up meat? I don't get it. I need an answer.

  17. Amy Hansen says:

    It is definitely past time to start taking better care of the environment. Unfortunately, many people still think about their pocketbooks first. Most things that are good for the environment cost more to start using.
    Please check out the information on Ethos FR. It saves money, reduces emissions, and is biodegradable.
    You will be blown away when you understand and see how well this really works. Jerry Schnitius, of Pacific Waste Services in San Diego, has been using Ethos FR in his company's vehicles for several years. “We're absolutely sold on it,” Schnitzius said. “It reduced emissions from our trucks by 65 percent.” They even won the Earth Day Corporate Award and credited Ethos FR.
    I am very proud to represent Ethos FR.
    Amy Hansen

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hello??? Has anyone noticed that unless you live in a select few metropolitan areas there is NO MOVIE theater showing this film???
    I live in SW Virginia and would have to drive to Richmond (four hours away) or DC, more like 6 hours. No where in the South. Maybe Houston. Maybe Miami. Just go ahead and releas it on DVD AL, for God's sake.

  19. Jacob Acosta says:

    Well, I've seen the movie and done a report on this issue before. The fact is scientists are split. The only real evidence we have of anything that is happening is history and the present with physical data. Snow caps are melting this is true. Temperatures are rising this is true. The earth does move in temperature cycles, meaning I agree with Reality Check guy. However, most people tend to think about here and now. Natural Oil is stupid, when it comes to a economically and healthy bi product. I think technology can help this situation by creating new energy sources electric cars etc. Another thing to mention is that global warming is not simply carbon monoxide, but other agents and natural cycles. Our populations are bigger our demand is higher than Leif Erickson's small fleet of inhabitants, and we're creating different mixtures of chemicals being released into the atmosphere. The earth may be cycling, but part of that cycle could take a toll on humans lives, animal lives, and yes even smart people with Doctoral degrees, and approving or disapproving Scientists. The point is if you can do something to help a little bit recycling, carpooling, something small, (or if you want something big) then just do it. If that means your children will live longer than good. The worst that can happen from you physically doing something to help any kind of problem is this world is better than arguing with strangers online about it, debating the points like pessimists or Henry David Thoreau wannabe's. Do something! On that note I'm off to recycle more paper and plastic. God bless all who are out there doing something to help, and also those who may soon help.

  20. summerspiders says:

    I am astounded by the idiocy of some of you people. Namely “Mike Osborne”.
    Why do you have such a problem accepting the the earth is in trouble? Is it guilt? Or is it that you are too lazy to think about making some changes to your lifestyle or to support changes to the way society treats the atmosphere? It's not that hard. And don't feed us this “did you know” rubbish. I read “STATE OF FEAR” too so I can see where you get your citations.
    “The climate crisis is not real”. Really? Well I'm glad you want to live in a pressure cooker. I'm not saying Gore has all the answers but at least he's using the publicity machine to get a simple message of understanding across about the things we might be able to do to reduce this. And it's not a bunch of hippy philosophising – he's citing very scientific and simple premises for what's happening. Basically, if we can reduce our emissions, the atmosphere will be healthier, the earth will not react so strongly. If we keep going, it will keep going and get worse. There's no magic involved, it's just happening. It's real, so get over your ego and start being positive about wanting to care for your planet.
    And “Realitycheck” – I believe this film was made by gathering stock footage, filming Al Gore talking to a crowd, and distributing prints of the film all over the world. I'd say that process emits about the same amount of Carbon as it takes for someone to make a fucking insurance commercial. And what's more important?
    Egos egos egos…

  21. maks says:

    I was astonished by Al Gore's CNN interview. He mentioned an important rise in see levels “should Greenland split in two and slid into the see”. I used to believe that educated people knew that Greenland was not a floating ice but an island. Islands can't just split.

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