New Dance Craze: California Climate Half Step

The good news is that California has moved closer towards mandatory controls on greenhouse gas emissions. The bad is that they are taking a go slow approach that coddles polluting industries and is disproportional to the magnitude of the climate change threat. Proposals to establish a market based system to limit emissions that is able to be adjusted over time is clearly the correct policy prescription, but every day of delay in establishing and implementing such a system is a lost opportunity to reduce the magnitude of the crisis. To half lead with half steps does not solve the problem at all.

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2 Responses

  1. Glenn D says:

    Dr Barry
    Until they understand, the magnitude of the situation. They are going to drag their feet. I dont know what it's going to take to wake these people up. Were on the Titanic and they are still wondering if it hit an iceberg. Idiot's !

  2. Protecting the Nature you are protecting yourself too!

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