Scientists Urge Bold Action on Warming

Reputable scientists are essentially unanimous in warning that human caused greenhouse gas emissions are leading to climate change disasters such as drastic climate upheavals and severe sea level rises. Key scientists reiterate that stopping or delaying a disintegration of the Earth's climatic system will require bold actions by individuals and the government. Carbon emissions must be slashed, efficiency embraced as a way of living, and renewable energy investments made with all haste. Further, global ecological sustainability will require smaller populations, less consumption and greater connection to and understanding of nature.

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  1. Doommonger says:

    When I hear about efforts to persuade governments and individuals to do something about climate change, I wonder how realistic this is ever going to be. Even in the UK, where there is relative awareness about such issues, there is still widespread ignorance among many sections of the population. So how do we go about persuading people in say, India, with its huge economic growth and relative newness to consumerism that they can't have the car/air conditioner they so badly want. I hope we can find a way, but I think it's more than an uphill struggle.

  2. Bruce Hogben says:

    Like Doommonger, who hopes we can find a way but thinks it's “more than an uphill struggle”, I doubt that billions of people in developing countries will be persuaded to spurn fossil-fuel hungry consumer goods and embrace energy conservation.
    Even if we all were to turn off the fossil-fuel-fired power stations and stop all infernal combustion engines (our cars) – right now – I suspect it is already too late. Mind you, I'm not a scientist, but I have looked at some terrifying graphs plotting carbon and temperature over hundreds of millions of years, and now the graph is virtually vertical and the carbon level is above anything homo sapiens has ever seen. It appears to me the temperature will head in the same direction, through the roof. It's just a question of when.
    That's my layman's view.
    I've been carrying on about climate for years. It's interesting to see among my friends who takes my views seriously, and who does not. A bit sad, too, sometimes.

  3. Ann Church says:

    I just wanted to share an action that Co-op America is currently working on. While not neccessarily “bold” it is certainly a good step in terms of concerned citizens and activists letting major corporations know that we're paying attention. We are targeting three major corporations with large coal energy plants in the works: Peabody, Sempra, and Dominion. Shareholders of these companies have already expressed concern and now we are adding more pressure to say that coal is not the answer and that it is clearly a step away from hopeful steps like the Kyoto protocol.
    Take the action online at and check to see if you live in one of the areas where Peabody, Sempra, or Dominion operate and send them a personal note. You can find all their contact information (and that of the board members) at

  4. Glenn D says:

    I work for a Nuclear Power plant, with 4 Coal-Fire Power Plant's in addition. I run one of the shift's ,that's incharge of the coal sampling operations of Barge's , Train's and Compliance unit's 1-2-4 and 5. Two of these older plant's burn ( A-Coal) a more expensive cleaner burning Coal. The 2 newer plant's burn ( D-Coal ) , a cheaper dirty coal,treated with Diesel Fuel. Since Mr Bush took office he raised the S02 Level's , polluting the air further. Why ? 42 dollar a ton coal for the cheaper 36 dollar a ton coal . Coal that would of set off plant alarms and failed my S02 test's in the passed. Is now embraced by the C.E.O.s of these toxic waste dump's. They could install scrubber's that would bring down the SO2 levels to the past……… But they are to expensive to install. On top of this, the south coal yard sit's right off the Gulf of Mexico. When it rains , where does it go , one place. It makes me sick. Once a year, we dredge the canal where the Barges unload. For the spilt coal from the unloader. The Diesel Fuel treated Coal . We also buy, cheaper 26 dollar a ton coal saturated with SO2 . We blend this 1 payloader scoop to 3. That's if the Fuel handler know's about it. Ive gotten many call's, the plant SO2 alarm's went off. They wanted my log's on the train that had just unloaded. I tell them over and over again, that stuff has to be blended. But they dont pass it down. This is the 125,000 dollar a year coal yard Supervisor's job . So much for that. What's sad ,were the cleanist coal-fire power plant in the state. Scary is'nt it. We can achieve, cleaner coal plant's and a cleaner enviorment. It's just that those darn profit's get in the way. I post alot at this site, some are very critical. But i have every reason too. I see this carnage done to the planet every day. The best is when the coal companie's top the train car's with lower SO2 level coal, trying to hide the the higher level coal.So when Dr. Barry urges you to take on a specific quest, do it. He know's what he is talking about and he's only looking out for your welfare, along with the rest of the world's great scientist's. We all can make a difference ,but you have to get involved. ( Coal plant's are not the way to go.It's that they are cheap and dirty and huge profit's to be maded ) That's the real truth. So when people promote coal plant's. They are talking through their wallet not their heart. I listen to them every day. We have a big problem in this country , and i just told you a small piece of it. ( Get Involved )

  5. Glenn D says:

    Add (Progress Energy) to that list. This is what i mean by getting involved !

  6. jim says:

    I have been sensing a change in attitudes across the board for some 12 months now. Thats not to say I still dont get a little down or angry from time to time but overall I'm optimistic. Optimistic that most people know there is a problem now
    that there are solutions
    that many of us feel we can make a difference in our own lives and by advocating for our planet jim

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