Dramatic Antarctic Warming Is Abrupt Climate Change

ice meltingA new report in the journal Science finds that the air over the Antarctic has warmed dramatically over the past 30 years, three times the global average. The greatest warming — nearly 1.4 degrees F (0.75 degrees C) per decade in the winter — has occurred about 3 miles (5 kilometers) above the surface. Scientists are unable to explain the temperature spike, but they note it could point to some unknown climate change mechanism.

Something dramatic and terrifying is happening to the Planet – the climate is abruptly changing as each of us procreate and consume ourself and the Earth to death. We simply must stop now, and begin fixing the ecological fabric of being. This will require sacrifice, hard work and voluntary simplicity on all our parts.

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  1. Glenn D says:

    It look's like we triggered ( Pandora's Box ) with a host of other effect's that we know nothing about. We could very well, being looking at the extinction of every living creature on this planet, for thousand's of year's to come. What's sad is we knew it, and ignored it…………

  2. Steve Bloom says:

    Co-author William Connolley explains the findings at http://www.realclimate.org/ .

    I have read all the forum responses. It is much like most forums, full of hate, impending dome, anxiety, etc. All signs of imbalance of the human body. We like to lash out at people for some reason, instead of trying to be understanding.
    One thing is for sure, we are facing a lot of stress everyday. I was almost killed on June 07, 1995, at an extreme industrial chemical processing plant. For some unknown reason I was given some vision about people and what they think. I’m also able to see the spirit or energy that leaves the body when so called death occurs. I realized this in 1979. I also can see that I have had this since birth. It is either genetic or was taught to me by my mother, who died May 29th, 1979. I was 23 at that time.
    It is interesting to me that most people are afraid of what they don’t understand. Obviously the environment is affecting everyone. The human body is amazing in fact that it can feel minute changes in measurements of energy and matter all around us. I believe this is the key. The energy that is released from our bodies at death is measured in scientific research to be 28 grams. That is the exact weight we lose at the time of death.
    I can see the energy released when people’s spirits are wrenched from there bodies.
    It is translucent and passes through matter. The color seems to be white and truly moves amazingly fast.
    It is a reward for our struggles we endure in our body’s life. Our chemical make ups are
    also a key for the things we would like to see and to understand. Everything we need is in our immeasurable spirit, or energy we all possess. I have had an experience where a six inch needle was passed through two large nerves in my back. The seemingly electrical
    energy we have is amazingly strong. It is real.
    The Earth’s energy fields are changing. I actually feel it. I believe we all feel it, but choose to ignore it.
    I have lived overseas where the pollution is so bad you will become quite ill breathing the air. Your body wants to reject it. It is as if you are suffocating. It is unbelievable, and everyone should experience this.
    Radiation is a huge part of this pollution. My personal experience allows me to see and feel these things. The industrial world of India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Korea, Japan, and more are truly unchecked. I believe that if this continues,
    it is our apocalypse. The Earth will have to clean itself soon. That is what we are experiencing now.
    There is way too much synergy of unbelievable amounts of concentrated chemicals in the atmosphere.
    The human race is capable of solving this. We must stop ignoring it immediately! When the uneducated and impoverished exceed the majority of the people on Earth, that will start the collapse. This started a long time ago, and is gaining speed.
    Money, power, and control seem to be inherent in all of us. The haves and have not,
    is the most powerful influence in all societies?
    I believe everyone should experience having nothing, including hope. It very remarkably enlightens. A skill we all need if we are to survive.
    Something third world countries have refined to a high degree.
    Caring for others and helping others, WOW!
    Robert C Ramsey

  4. james feketa says:

    Global warming is happening as is the sacred ceremony that will take place in Alaska on June 21,2006. Scientists and science alone may not be the only approach to resolution of global warming. Chief Arvol Looking Horse may in fact be part of the solution from a native american spiritual perspective.The native american prophecies have for told of these impending changes . The following material has been being worked on since 1996 and it is time to bring it to light in the media and nation.
    James Feketa
    Peace maker from Lakota Ogala Sioux, Chief Arvol Looking Horse needs your support
    Your publicizing the World Prayer and Peace Day June 18-21 and or donation would be greatly appreciated by the chief and children .
    Please read the following
    Wolakota Foundation is the outgrowth of the annual World Peace and Prayer Day (WPPD) celebrations begun in 1996 by Chief Arvol Looking Horse. When Arvol was twelve years old, he was designated as the 19th Generation Keeper of the Tradition of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe. People of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Sioux Nation believe White Buffalo Calf Woman appeared to the tribes hundreds of years ago, bringing instruction in sacred ceremonies of how to live in balance with all life, and leaving behind a sacred bundle containing a sacred pipe of peace. She left prophecies about a time in which she would return again. The 1994 birth of a white buffalo calf is believed to have been the sign that these times were now at hand.
    Following spiritual guidance, Arvol committed to a series of ceremonies at sacred sites to join people together in prayers and to share the message of his Tradition with others who shared concerns about peace and the destruction of the Earth. The initial objective was honoring the four directions with four annual ceremonies. The first ceremony took place in the West at Gray Horn Butte in Wyoming following a horseback ride from the Wahpeton Dakota reservation in Saskatchewan. Tradition holds that it was near this site White Buffalo Calf Woman first appeared. For this ceremony, over 2,000 people joined together, mostly drawn by word-of-mouth. In 1997, Chief Sundown of the Joseph Bighead Reserve in Canada hosted the ceremonies for the North. In 1998, the gathering moved East to Pipestone, Minnesota, another traditional sacred site.
    Chief Looking Horse decided on Costa Rica as the site for the 1999 ceremonies. By bringing together native people of North and South America, it is also believed that this event fulfilled prophesies concerning the uniting of the eagle and the condor. Costa Rica is the home of the University for Peace established by the United Nations and, thus, World Peace and Prayer Day first gained international recognition. The original journey of WPPD was completed when it came back to the center for a Thank You Ceremony to the “Heart of Everything That Is” – the Sacred Black Hills of South Dakota in the year 2000.
    Believing that the initial effort was complete, Arvol asked the Global Community to continue the ceremony at their sacred sites whether it is at a place of worship or at a significant geographical site their Nation or Faith identifies as greatly important. This handed back the responsibility of continuing the prayers and activities to the local people in each community and country.
    After the 2000 ceremony, two English representatives approached Arvol with a request to conduct a similar series of ceremonies to further strengthen the message of Peace at a global level. This time, the journey would be around the world to the remaining four continents with a Thank You Ceremony back at Turtle Island (Americas) in five years.
    This global journey commenced in Ireland in 2001, lending support to a country whose “troubles” are beginning to seek resolution, a country with a long tradition of Summer Solstice celebrations.
    In 2002, WPPD traveled to Durban, South Africa working with the coordinating assistance of Ela Gandhi, granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi. Many thousands responded to this event in a show of peaceful solidarity, celebrating their cultural and ethnic diversity.
    In 2003, WPPD joined the Aboriginal tribes of Australia, honoring their most sacred site of Barumbuk, while bringing attention to the need for healing of their 'lost generation.'
    In 2004, WPPD will travel to Mt. Fuji, Japan to honor their indigenous connections to this very famous sacred site.
    2005 brought us back to the Black Hills for a final “Wopila” – the thank you ceremony. Here again, the responsibility returned to the people. The four direction Prayer Run for World Peace and the Prayer Ride for World Peace from Canada, converged on the beginning of the WPPD event, with Mayor Shaw of Rapid City and Chief Arvol Looking Horse doing the opening ceremony. Those present in the initiation of the 10th year event were International delegates from New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, Australia, China, Japan, Canadian First Nations, Mexico, India, and various Tribes from First Nations around Turtle Island. A Water Ceremony, Earth Ceremony, Wind Ceremony and Horse Dance Ceremony (by the First Nation's Cree) were offered by the various Nation's Traditional Knowledge of their Nation. Sustainable Resource speakers, musicians, Youth organizers & participants, various Spiritual Leaders and environmentalists offered their knowledge and shared a gift of their life¹s journey they have chosen to walk.
    2006 and bbeyondWe are now focused on creating mass awareness of ³all nations, all faiths, one prayer² to encourage everyone to take time on June 21st and join in the united prayer/meditation to heal our Grandmother Earth. We also continue to work towards having June 21st recognized by the United Nations as “Honoring Sacred Sites Day”, in an effort to protect places that people consider sacred.
    The celebrations to date have been achieved on a shoestring budget with small donations and grants received under the fiduciary assistance of the Rediscovery Foundation, Inc. As the mission of sharing our traditional wisdom has become global, the necessity of creating the Wolakota Foundation and raising money to fund related programs arose.
    The vision for this new organization is that it will continue the World Peace and Prayer Day celebrations through 2005 while building a center with programs for sustaining traditional teachings of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Nation as well as researching and demonstrating practices for sustainable, ecologically-balanced living, and sharing this wisdom with the world.
    (please distribute far & wide on their behalf)
    Event Announcement -Wolakota Youth Council
    Prayer Run for World Peace
    2261.75 Mile Journey
    Starting from Vancouver, BC area
    Ending Iklutna, Alaska!!!
    click on the information of Prayer Run for World
    The physical, emotional, and spiritual endurance that it takes to prepare and partake in this kind of challenging run; will one of the keys to finding the source of strength for the Youth, which will help them meet and overcome the many other challenges when they return to their communities!
    Wolakota Youth Statement:
    “The youth of today are the entering caretakers that face hardships and obstacles. Life will be hard and the environment will reflect our struggle. As a result, neglecting our responsibilities in taking care of Grandmother Earth; the glaciers are melting, leaving us with higher levels of water that will affect our water supply, flooding of the land, and severe storms. These potential catastrophes will not only affect the human race, this will also affect the animals and every organism with a spirit. There needs to be a change in our choices as upcoming voices of concern with the outlook of life that we are inheriting. We need to make that change, soon, before a better life is not attainable. Prayer Run for World Peace’s goal is to bring a positive change for our Youth's outlook on life; Our prayers will go to the protection of ANWAR and the melting glaciers that still exist. Our hearts will go out to the animals, the land, and the people protecting them.”
    World Peace & Prayer Day (WPPD)
    Let us know where your prayer/meditation site will be held!
    If your are making plans to gather with the many Nations around the world – to connect spiritually in giving your energy to healing Grandmother Earth, please post your event by following links on the Wolakota's Welcome page or WPPD and let us know.
    Japan is presently creating a worldwide map indicating lights of where you will be gathering. Whether it is a Temple, Church Congregation, religious organization or Mosques, if people are gathering in communities, openly upon the earth or Sacred Sites, please let us know. http://www.wolakota.org click on WPPD posting page.
    Youth Council History
    – what has been accomplished:
    Prayer Run for World Peace 2005 was Wolakota Youth Council's first large scale project involving numerous First Nation Tribes and including many non-native youth participants, from all cultures across the Nation. Through their journey, the youth participants witnessed their own ability to build self confidence and a realization that they can overcome the difficult obstacles in life creating positive goals for the future.
    Starting in May 2005 groups, from the four directions started their Youth Run from the: the West group: Los Angeles, CA, the North group: Manitoba, Canada, the East group: Long Island, New York and the Southern group: Mexico and El Paso, Texas. The Youth concluded their run to the Black Hills, Piedmont SD (over 1000 miles each) and participated in the last Wolakota sponsored: 10th annual World Peace and Prayer Day ceremony between June 18th and June 21st.
    As one of the Run vision creators – Sky Oldshield stated (July 2004): “The greatest enemy has become our selves. We have to be a new kind of warrior, and battle with our hearts and minds. If we don’t take action or speak from our hearts, the consequences will be drastic. No future for our young brothers and sisters, or for seven generations to come. So we must remember the sacred teachings of our ancestors, that we are all one in this responsibility!”
    -what we have accomplished and what we need to accomplish:
    In 2005 of the International effort of WPPD returned to the Black Hills to offer the final Wopila (thank-you) on Turtle Island (North America) to bring about awareness of the need to pay attention to our Grandmother Earth's serious condition.
    2006 and after… We are now promoting to create a mass awareness of “all nations, all faiths, one prayer” to encourage everyone to take time on June 21st and join in the united prayer/meditation to heal our Grandmother Earth.
    Statement from Wolakota WPPD
    “YES! We are done with our commitment! World Peace and Prayer Day returned to the Black Hills of South Dakota for a “Thank You” (wopila) ceremony after traveling the four directions on Turtle Island and around Grandmother Earth; by planting seeds of awareness in South America, Ireland, South Africa, Australia and Japan, as we joined in activating their Sacred Sites with united meditation/prayer.
    We also continue to work towards having June 21st recognized by the United Nations as “Honoring Sacred Sites Day”, in an effort to protect places that people consider sacred. Whether it is a Temple, Church, religious organization, Mosque or especially Sacred Sites.
    Against all odds and intrusion from other forces from people to create 'distraction' in completing our commitment, on a wing and a prayer, we kept our sacred word! We continued to pray for those detractors, that they will open their eyes to a solution we hold in our hearts to bring health to all living beings – that especially include their own children…..
    With the tremendous help from various people that became our staff and assistants from around the world these past 10 years, we recognized they were lead by their spirit to help, we could not have done it without them, together – we accomplished our goal, indeed our prayers were answered!

  5. Glenn D says:

    With the rash of Tornadoe's we saw this week. The climate is acting like a light switch. A term used by many scientist's for abrupt climate change. It also seem's that each week it's getting worse. A graph that's on the upswing,not fluctuating as nomal climate pattern's do. What's amazing is the speed it's acting at. Even my wife is getting nervouse. A person who in the past thought nothing of it. It's so predictable now , that it can't be dismissed as fluke's.

  6. To those who care: The above url is my son's website. Kieran Forrest O Driscoll, musician/composer, artist, photographer and basketball player, passed on 18 days before his 19th Solstice birthday (June 22nd), on June 4th, 2003, with the main symptom involving bleeding from his right eye as it became transformed, into what appeared to be a huge red bull's eye. His journey was linked timewise to the Star Aldebaran's alignment with the Earth and Sol (I found out afterwards). It appears to have begun with a massive blood flow on or near the day that the Narwhal expedition may have made their first kill, in 2002. That expedition began on his late father's birthday, May 27th, 2002. As you will see from his website, my oh so gentle son was and is gifted in many ways.
    The land in Florida, that his father intended him to inherit, is now the target of developers. It is only a small area, but unique, as are all aspects of existence here. Kieran and I both felt that we were guardians and seekers too. One of the messages he heard was “You are the Sealed Ones. You are the Dreamers.” And another time he overheard someone saying “You say 'carrier of disease'. I say 'carrier of this reality'”. He spent his last weeks in clinics in Playas de Tijuana and Tijuana, the last being where I heard someone say, “Shall I pull the eye back now? It has served its purpose.” We couldn't afford the treatments and couldn't find alternatives even though we knew it was 'illusion', so he passed on from this version of reality, in Benedictine Hospice, Kingston, NY.
    He was born in Ireland, with hair like burnished copper and rainbow eyes, but my own ancestry goes back to India on my father's side. Our home, Castle Matrix, is also an ancient sacred site in Ireland and although I don't have much access to the Web (I live without electricity), I look forward to hearing from those who also care. TRUTH = T, the Way/Uay/Tao of Ruth, the one who cares. With love, Liz

  7. keke says:

    i like the information you give us but why do it have to be so long and you know don`t know body read this except for gensis and people who try to get their education

  8. Liz Forrest O Driscoll says:

    My apologies. I've only just found this site again (my memory is very dodgy), and realised that I didn't give the url for my son's website:
    http://www.permanentgreen.com but no apologies for the length — it seems to be a compromise between Dickens and Hemingway, and that was the short version. 🙂 Help for the Hill of Tara in Ireland needed too. Search Tarawatch also please.

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