U.S. Global Warming Public Education Campaign Launched

Train public service announcementThe first U.S. global warming public service announcement campaign was launched today by Environmental Defense and the Ad Council. More on long overdue effort to educate the American public through the media – as well as the actual ads – can be found at Fight Global Warming.
Recent surveys have shown Americans to be concerned with climate change, though generally they inaccurately think it is something that will only be felt in the distant future. A massive, well-crafted public education campaign emphasizing the urgency of immediate dramatic action is a necessary precursor to saving the planet and humanity.

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4 Responses

  1. Ed says:

    I personally believe we are doomed. It’s gone too far and the momentum (economic, political, social, cultural, etc.) is just too great to overcome. The required investment is going to be huge

  2. Julie says:

    Hopefully the U.S. will become more educated about global warming through this psa campaign. You also might be interested in the Ad Council blog, where they are talking about the rationale behind the ads at http://www.adlibbing.org.

  3. Glenn D says:

    I do agree with Edd's point of view. It's to little to late. The climate is in runaway mode. No matter what we do now, will have little effect, but we have to try. Past history show's that in a 750,000 year span, the earth only had between 5% to 7% normal temp climate. The earth in essence, is a very hostile place , and we just pushed it off a clift. The earth, is a very fine tuned ecological ballance. Just like a Hurricane, it does'nt take much to move it, one way or another. A slight nudge will do it. Modern man , was just to much for the planet to handle. It was our industrial age and modern machine's that did it. To ask man, to curtail that now, at the magnitude needed will be impossible. We would have to go back, to the early 1800's life style and maybe we would succeed. Im a realist, and this has been long coming. If you dont respect nature it wont respect you. And throwing a few coin's at it now ,wont help, even with the best intention's.

  4. Sue Howe says:

    I would like to be part of the campaign that is spreading the word about global warming. Where do I sign up? Retired, 63, former teacher, healthy, interested in helping.

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