Forest Lands Becoming Available: Logging or Development?

Numerous important forest land holdings are becoming available for purchase in the United States as logging companies realize these forests are more valuable for other purposes other than logging. The big question is whether land trusts and government will have the funds to buy and protect these lands, or whether they will be bought and developed for residential development. Given requirements for terrestrial ecosystem sustainability, and the shortage of intact natural ecosystems across many landscapes, one would hope these lands remain intact and are preserved. Think preserves not condos!

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  1. Gail says:

    The Amazon rainforest needs no introduction; the mere mention of its name conjures up images of a huge untouched wilderness bursting with amazing life. But to McDonald's and a handful of huge soya traders, the Amazon means something completely different. It means cheap land and cheap labour. Cheap land because it is often stolen, cheap labour because some of the people who work cutting down the forest or work on the farms in the Amazon are actually slaves. You heard it right, slaves.
    'How is this possible,' you ask? Well it goes something like this.
    The soya traders encourage farmers to cut down the rainforest and plant massive soya monocultures. The traders take the soya and ship it to Europe where it is fed to animals like chickens and pigs. The animals are then turned into fast food products like McDonald's McNuggets and many other products found in fast food outlets and supermarkets.

  2. Kevin Casey says:

    Over regulation of private forest land is resulting in conversion to other uses, ie. development. Owners of forest land need to be able to make some profit from timber in order to keep forest intact. Governments are not going to buy up all this land for preserves.
    The best way to keep forest intact is to keep it economically productive.

  3. Johnny Ramos says:


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