Super Cyclone Slams Australia

Australia cycloneAustralia has been hit with a powerful category 5 cyclone, the strongest in decades. Category 5 and 4 hurricanes (cyclones & typhoons) are becoming the norm, yet denial regarding humanity's role in their causation continues. Australian media is finally covering the link between warming oceans and stronger storms (more). As a recent blog comment noted, “we are heading for a disaster, of epoch proportions… What's it going to take, a half a dozen Katrina's to wake us up? Yes, we have reached the tipping point, we were warned. Now, we are going to have to pay the price.” Take Action: Send Australia a Global Warning!

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  1. Glenn D says:

    Lloyd's of London, and a group of Insurance companie's, sent a letter to Washington. It stated as quote ( Unless we deal with Global Warming Now… Be prepared too lose a city a year, from Abrupt Climate Event's. Expert's state, that the 2006 U.S. Hurricane season, will be 60% above normal. The cat 5 Cyclone, that just hit Australia reinforce's their quote. Plan's are, to upgrade, another one of last year's Hurricane's, to cat 5 status. That make's, 4 cat 5 Hurricane's last year. Unprecedented in our history , and this is just the beginning! Last Week, Texas was engulfed in fire's, due to drought. This week, they are under water from flood's. Their's a pattern forming, of Abrupt Climate Change, that can turn in a second. Our normal Temp climate is gone, being replaced with a violent retribution of our stupidity. Thinking that the Earth, was our personal playground, of our choice. We have poked the Beast, with a stick, for Decade's. Now it's fighting back ! Mass extinction's… have happened before. Scientist's did'nt know why, i think we know now, Abrupt Climate Change. Are we next……….

  2. Glenn D says:

    Another Cyclone, is taking the same track as Cat 5 Larry did. Heading for Australia again ! Maybe now, Australia will take , a serious look at the Kyoto Treaty… maybe!

  3. Ed says:

    I posted this reply to another topic as well, but it seems to suit this one more.

    I personally believe we are doomed. It’s gone too far and the momentum (economic, political, social, cultural, etc.) is just too great to overcome. The required investment is going to be huge

  4. The UK government's chief scientist, Professor King is warning that climate change puts 400 million more people at risk of hunger (see BBC news). This is a good reason to sign the petition , “Subverting Efforts to Limit Human-Induced Climate Change is a Crime Against Humanity” found at

  5. Emma. r says:

    I don't think the world realises how much trouble Earth is really in. Within a hundred years the planet will be doomed. No-one is taking any action! we dont need nuclear power, we dont need all this pollution, what we need to focus on is preserving the environment.

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