Ramping Up Amazon Logging

Amazon logging roadWith the blessing of Greenpeace and other mainstream ancient forest sell-outs, the Brazilian government has launched a new type of industrial rainforest logging. The new system copies a failed global forest management model, establishing “Sustainable Forest Districts” which are the equivalent of National Forests, where large scale “sustainable” industrial logging will occur. This comes as a new World Resources Institute report highlights building human impacts upon the Amazon that are greatly diminishing this vital global ecosystem engine as a contiguous, functional whole.

It is simply irresponsible to promote establishment of yet another large-scale impact – a government program to subsidize private companies to carry out massive industrial logging of 13 million hectares of ancient rainforests – in the absence of scientific evidence or working examples that large-scale commercial ancient forest logging can be done in an ecologically sustainable manner. Once such an industry is established, there will be no way to stop its future demands for additional ancient rainforests to log, and the loss of the Amazon as a large, contiguous whole will be assured.
Any organizations supporting ancient rainforest logging are legitimate targets for protest. If you give money to Greenpeace, WWF and/or Rainforest Action Network you are paying to support logging of the world's last ancient forests.

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7 Responses

  1. Betty jean Herner says:

    Why is Greenpeace promoting logging of ancient wood.?

  2. Miriam kurland says:

    Please protect our rainforests. It should be a criminal act to hurt any of them in any way.

  3. Marcel Sommer says:

    Greenpeace (GP) is a bureaucratic,economic organisation.No longer idealistic.
    Sea shepherd's Paul Watson stated that this last seazon they (GP)were present during the butchering of the whales by the Japs.But they did not intervene.Yust took pictures.Tat sells good when looking for more members

  4. Dr Nigel Miles says:

    Interesting comments concerning the opinions relating to Greenpeace's endorsement of their conivement of helping to destroy the ancient forests of the amazon region; due you mean Araguaia or all the Amazon basin?
    It is strange that such comments are being made when they, plus another “multinational conservation organsiation” are the only international ones who are attempting anything of the like to bring economic sanity of destructive and criminal logging on Borneo (thorughout all three national territories enclosed).
    Before judging Greenpeace about their “actions”, get the full facts and not interpret some actions as the total response to situations for which no one else is doing to make these verdant forests still the like in the near future; all some people do is gripe and deride such proactive ecologically economic enactions.

  5. Malcolm Mervyn Page says:

    Without our RainForests which are the Earths Lungs, the Earths atmosphere will become more polluted untill we will have to wear masks.
    By destroying the RainForests to myself it implies a criminal act.

  6. Mike Petersen says:

    With a headline designed for Greenpeace haters, I expected some facts to back it up, but the article actually seemed to give some credibility as to why Greenpeace thinks this idea is worth trying in Brazil. As always, easy to oppose something, but what are the consequences of no new law – same old poaching and destruction?

  7. I am embarrassed to admit that I give to Greenpeace, as I felt encouraged that this particular NGO seemed to revert to doing what it did best–bringing attention to an important cause in an old-fashioned way… putting one's life in danger to stop those who were committing ecocide. But it is disheartening to learn that Greenpeace and a couple others feel their only options to saving ancient forests… is to campaign for conservation of whatever remnants might be left after corrupt governments have their way. Unfortunately, this country is the leader in promoting capitalistic, individualistic philosophy on a global scale. And poor countries will do everything in their power to follow our model. And that's what's going on here–U.S. Forest Service type mismanagement. There is no way to sustainabley manage industrial logging in an ancient rainforest. Trees that are several hundred years old are not a renewable resource on a human scale…

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