Warming Oceans Fuel Hurricanes

hurricaneA firm link has been established between warming oceans and hurricane intensity (more | search), as scientists report in a new study that rising sea surface temperatures are the primary factor fueling a 35-year trend of stronger, more intense hurricanes. And in the North Atlantic Ocean basin warming is also increasing the number of hurricanes. Natural cycles can not explain the trends in stronger and more frequent hurricanes because the cycles are different for each basin. “This is not natural variability.”

LA Times: “Of all the factors that drive a major storm

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  1. Glenn D says:

    Warming oceans, AccuWeather got themselve's in trouble, for saying just that. That their was a good chance that the Northeast could be hit by a devastating Hurricane as early as this year. Based on warmer water's than normal,wind current's that would limit wind sheer and la nina. The new's media went berserk, and demanded answer's, on their claim. They remember the 1938 Hurricane that hit New York, and what it did. They should be thanking AccuWeather for the warning. We are talking about saving live's i thought. The Weather Channel did a piece , on just that, and it's aftermath on New York City. New York themselve's admitted , they weren't prepared for a Hurricane of cat 3 status. They better, if they learned anything from Katrina. It's not, weather as usual anymore, and they better learn it quick. Or we are going to end up with a coast line of destroyed citie's with million's of displaced people. They are not getting the message and million's will suffer because of it. This is what happen's, when you have an Administration who put's prosperity over survival. And leaves the people in the wind, in this case, 180 mph wind's!

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