Greenhouse Gases Rise, No Sign of Leveling Off

smokestacksGreenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere reached record highs in 2004, are still climbing and show no signs of leveling off, according to the World Meteorological Organization. Carbon dioxide atmospheric concentrations grew last year by 2.6 ppm – well above the 1.9 ppm average over the past decade. The sharp increase in CO2 levels now places its concentration at 381 parts per million (ppm) – 100ppm above the pre-industrial average.

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  1. Glenn D says:

    Yesterday, Dr Gray, put out a statement. That prior to 2004 we had been very lucky, because we had been in that so called cycle for 9 year's prior. Did it ever dawn on him that the jump in c02 gases in 2004 caused the last 2 year fiasco, weve seen with Hurricane's. Especially when he went to congress and contradicted himself, as Quoted ( Since the North Atlantic was colder last year, according to my model's, we should have had less Hurricane's than we had ). Again two dimentional thinking in a 3 dimentional world. Will not look outside the box to other reason's. He better, or he will go down as the worst Hurricane predictor in the future, as he was in the last 2 year's. Dr. Gray, add in Global Warming into you model's, you will then be correct.

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