Bye Bye Ice Sheets

ice meltingThe global warming impact on polar ice sheets has been confirmed. Climate warming is changing how much water remains in Earth as ice and snow. The most comprehensive survey ever undertaken of the enormous ice sheets covering both Greenland and Antarctica shows a net loss of ice to the sea.

Papua New Guinea island communities are already being flooded, displaced and are in shelters after floods.

Excerpts: “The 20 billion net tons of water melted into the oceans each of those 10 years is equivalent to the amount of fresh water annually used in homes, businesses, and farming in New York, New Jersey, and Virginia… One prediction is that sea levels should increase by a foot or two by 2100, and up to 25 feet within 500 years. Some of that sea level rise is based on melting of glaciers and major ice sheets, and some is based on thermal expansion of water in the oceans, which increases in size as it gets warmer.”

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  1. Glenn D says:

    The Berring sea went from a 32 degree norm…….to 50 degree's in just 12 year's. Polar Bear's are drowning, due to less sea ice. Seal's are starving to death , because their ice sheet's are breaking off and drifting into deep water some 6000 feet, they need shallow water to survive. The new's media, wont run these article's. When your guilty, of crime's against nature would you.

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