Papua New Guinea Rainforest Illegal Logging and Corruption Studied, Again, But What Is to Be Done?

Papua New Guinea cultureA new report makes the not so new or startling observation that Papua New Guinea's rainforests are being ravaged in an orgy of illegal and corrupt industrial logging carried out by criminal Malaysian timber cartels. There have been dozens of similar reports over the last nearly 20 years that have made identical observations and are now gathering dust. The problem has not been lack of awareness, but rather a lack of vision and initiative to do something about it. has long contended sprawling industrial logging must be shut down and PNG's entire forest sector transitioned to small scale community based ecoforestry. In my opinion the timber boom is so advanced – with the government bought and environmental community pursuing token, inadequate policies (with the possible recent exception of Greenpeace)- that Papua New Guinea's rainforests are unlikely to survive in an intact, unfragmented condition.
Barring a revolution in thinking and possibly an armed insurrection to stop the industrial criminal pillaging, this ancient rainforest wilderness will surely soon be lost. Trangu, bikpela bagarap kamap long ples na bihaintaim bilong ol pikinini. Sari tumas, stil man pinisim wok pinis, bus igo pinis, na em bai had long karim kaikai. Bai ol asples pait o dai?

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3 Responses

  1. Pamala Thomas says:

    Please protect and preserve the rainforests. Their continuity is essential to the survival of our planet. Rainforests clean our air, which all species need to survive. With dirty air, we all cease to exist. Thank you!

  2. Marc Sommer says:

    Dear Glen Barry,
    It is an idiotic world we live in.I was interested in garden chairs.I asked overhere in the Dutch Antilles where the chairs came from and what kind of wood was used.
    Answer: Indian wood in China changed into chairs.
    Longlive free enerprise, capitalism, egoism, materialism, Maoism and ofcourse Big Brother he U.S.A.that was the big example of the way to destruct our home, earth.So Papua New guinea is the next guineee pig.That the Creator of our atoms may intervene soon, as common sense does not prevail anylonger;
    only the destructive forces that will change this planet in this rate in fifty years into a desert

  3. Lawong Balun says:

    I appreciate very much you webb page in providing this information for the public, in particular citizens of PNG of whom I am one.

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