Global Warming Brings Severe Drought to UK

The severe drought ravaging Southern Great Britain is undoubtedly related to global warming. Water – either its uncharacteristic scarcity or over-abundance – may well be the first major way in which the deadliness of abrupt runaway climate change exhibits itself. No water, no life. It is that simple. And climate change confounds the patterns that have brought adequate, dependable water supplies to most human settlements. Oh we are in for some deep shit if we do not aggressively target adequate climate change policies.
Drought-Hit Britain May Face Water Rationing

Britons must use less water or face rationing as the country suffers its worst drought in a century, the head of the country's Environment Agency said on Friday.

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3 Responses

  1. Doommonger says:

    Just another example of the fact that things we have taken for granted for so long are changing, and it's not going to be pleasant. But it's also a time for people to stop being lazy and complacent about the water they use. Many people currently think nothing of leaving taps running, failing to repair leaks (that's a big one for the water companies as well). There should be universal metering of water – this may be the only way to make people realise that water is a precious resource, like energy. And after all the two are interconnected, and by saving water, particularly hot water, we can save energy.

  2. Glenn D says:

    Europe is headed for it's second mini ice age. Europe, just took 10 short year's, to go from a normal warm temp climate, to a mini ice age ,without any prior warning. This was caused by the slowdown of the Gulf Stream, which is happening again. Why are scientist's using gradual climate change model's to prove abrupt climate change actual event's. It happened before, you dont need a model, just look at passed history, they are identical with today. What's so confusing about this. The c02 level's spiked in 2003, 2004 , and 2005. The same time we had record Hurricane's. Europe had record heat, flood's cold, and snow as they are having today. We are in that 10 year intergration point right now. That's why, Tony Blair made a statement on 2-9-06, that the world had 7 year's left, he know's. The head of the World Bank Climatology dept. stated that we may already be in runaway climate he know's. The U.S. government is putting up (Watch Out For Ice) sign's all over the northeast and central states, they are popping up all over the place, they know. We just dont know, because of ill informed scientist's, who cant see what's going on around them . Because their model's cant tell them. The hell with the model's ,just look at the past, theirs your proof.

  3. David Fishwick says:

    I agree with Glen. The weakening gulf stream is driving this drought, not global warming. Theres one easy way to tell. Climate models show warmer and WETTER winters, but they're getting drier so obviously the gulf stream is to blame. I think there is adelay from when the winters turn cold properly (aprox 10 yrs or so) so by 2015 it should be quite a bit colder in winter! Yet obviously because of global warming, summers will still have big heatwaves like 2003 and this year so this matches far better with whats happening that the models of climate change we keep haring about (ie the ones that ignore the 25% slowdown in the gulf stream!).

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