Questionable Gas Pipeline to Pierce the Amazon

A massive pipeline through the Amazon is proposed to carry natural gas from Venezuela to Brazil and Argentina. Project approval for the 9,000+ km pipeline, at a cost of over $US 20 billion, could come as early as mid-March. The pipeline would pierce the heart of the Amazon and ensure its destruction as a large, operable whole. If you have additional information, please contact us for an eventual action alert.

This questionable project is the latest industrial monstrosity to threaten the world's remaining life-giving large rainforest expanses. The world's leaders must be made to understand that all remaining large rainforests must remain intact and protected if the Earth is to be sustained. This project bears watching and must be laid to rest now, in the planning stage, rather than as construction commences.

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  1. Mary says:

    This is one of the environmentally disastrous things that Chavez and his
    supporters were flouting while I was there. Chavez seems totally sold on the
    idea. The Chavez administration has already run a high voltage electric line
    through the Gran Sabana into Brazil, displacing the indigenous Pomoms and
    reportedly breaking a campaign promise in the process. The line provides
    electricity to American gold miners (reportedly, breaking another campaign
    promise that gold and precious metals would not be mined) and to Brazil, but
    they failed to provide any to the indigenous inhabitants of the reason. A
    bunch of transnational coal interests are also exploring around the Sierra
    de Perija, to the indigenous tribes complete chagrin… We visited four
    indigenous tribes in the area, so I ard much about this first hand; then
    spoke to the Ministry of the Environment, who have taken a public stand
    against the coal mining, at least. I am raising funds now for these tribes
    for a micro radio station they want, to keep informed and unified on these
    I'll try to find out more about the pipeline from the one insider I know.
    Cheers and Best!

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