Ecological Collapse Is Now in East Africa, Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood

We are now witnessing in East Africa what happens when climate change, over-population and habitat loss collide. Resulting severe drought, where people are drinking their own piss to survive, foreshadows humanity's future (or lack thereof). Global ecological collapse is being manifested in numerous other ways ranging from melting glaciers to super storms to mudslides. By destroying the Earth humanity is ensuring it has no future. The task of our time is to stop the destruction, restore the damage, using every tool at our disposal to seek global ecological sustainability. It will not be easy, we are likely to fail, but what other choice do we have but to try?

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12 Responses

  1. Doommonger says:

    I'm glad that more and more people are having the courage to say such unpalatable things. I'd be interested to know what the writer thinks are the main priorities at the moment for trying to save the planet.

  2. M-A says:

    Climate change *has* arrived. I have a friend in Texas (Dallas-Ft. Worth) who was sitting on her front porch this week. She looked down the street and saw a massive dark cloud of smoke coming down the street. She wondered where the fire was. Her eyes stung, so she went inside. She learned later that police were in several neighborhoods nearby, trying to track the source of the smoke, to find the fire. It turns out that the smoke was coming from the wildfires ravaging parts of Oklahoma–200 miles away! So, if you think climate change isn't here in the United States yet, think again. This is but one example that hasn't been reported nationally. As the first poster asked, What can we as individuals do? We really have to act now.

  3. Are We Witnessing Ecological Collapse With East African Drought and Philippines Mudslide?

    Dr. Glen Barry spotted us with the eon of drought in East Africa, which is crying out to tell us, what happens when climate change, over-population and habitat loss collide! The conservation biologist and ecologist, claims this phenomenon as the…

  4. Bob says:

    Smoke from fires has NOTHING to do with climate change. Saying dumb things like that hurt the cause.

  5. Glenn D says:

    Coming soon to your neighborhood, is exactly how i feel. I reside in Florida, and am,very concerned, about this year's Hurricane season. We had 8 Hurricane hit's , in a 17 month period. The Cat Fund, which was setup to offset insurance losse's is broke. They pulled the last 6.7 billion out,this year. The governor was asking for donation's, is that some kind of joke. It was their arrogance, on not admitting Global Warming existed,that caused this. What are they going to do next, ask for donation's to put back the Larsen B Iceshelf,that broke off and melted. It show's, these people dont have a clue, on what's going on. Never mind solving it! God help us all!

  6. Glenn D says:

    The Tampabay Nightmare! A study was done, on what effect's, a Katrina type storm would have on Tampabay, and her adjacent countie's. The result was, that Tampabay, would turn into 2 small island's. The adjacent countie's ,would look like , New Orlean's, but not flooded as long. Four million people would be homeless, and numerous casualtie's. Another study was done,on the effect's, of a Cat 3 not 5 Hurricane on New York city. The result was, most of the burrough's would be under water, similar to New Orlean's again, but for a shorter period of time. Wall- Street would be under Two-Storie's of water. The subway system would be totaly flooded. The city would be a total loss. Hundred's of Billion's lost, million's of people homeless , an enormous amount of human loss. And New York admitted, they are not prepared for this kind of scenario. Terrorism yes Hurricane no. Does'nt this real life scenario, describe a scene in the movie ( The Day After Tomorrow )They should of substituted New Orlean's,for make it factual. But who knew-
    The Day After Tomorrow, was already here!

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  8. Geoman says:

    It's interesting to read this blog to see some of what is fueling the mania over global warming. Most geologists, including myself, don't see much of a reason for all of the excitement over this phenomenon. We see the earth's climate as something that has existed for hundreds of millions of years, during which time only one thing has been constant, and that is that it is always changing. The world has been much warmer than is it today, and it has been much colder. Funny how only 30 years ago everybody was worried about “global cooling”.
    From what I have read, man contributes approximately 0.4% (four tenths of one percent) of the total greenhouse gases produced on earth. The effect on our climate of one good volcanic eruption is more drastic than the total activities of man for decades.
    As far a Kyoto is concerned, if I am not mistaken, China and India were exempt. That's only half the planets population. Yeah, they'll sign it, but they don't have to abide by it. It would be a great deal for them to hobble our economies with the treaty's restrictions while theirs continue unfettered. I'd sign that deal in a heartbeat if I were them.
    The fact remains that the developed countries of the world have been reducing their PER CAPITA carbon emmissions significantly for over a hundred years or more. They have also reduced their poplulation growth to almost 0, and sometimes less. If you believe global warming is occuring, and that man is the cause, countries like China, and India, with their huge, and growing populations, as well as their lack of emmissions controls, are a far greater threat to our global environment than we are. Our signing of Kyoto would have done nothing to curb that threat, and would only have served as a penalty to US companies. You think you've seen “outsourcing” before? Just get the US to sign that treaty, then you'll see REAL outsourcing.
    The bottom line is that “global warming” may be occurring, and it may not. If it is, it is most likely not because of man's activities. We give ourselves entirely too much credit.

  9. Glenn D says:

    (WHAT'S FUELING THE MANIA)-How about Hurricane Katrina for starter's. And let's throw in (The LARSEN B ICESHELF THAT EXISTED FOR 10,000 YEAR'S- Not ANYMORE!. a constantly changing climate, not like that, for the last 10 thousand year's anyway. How about the ( WAIS ICESHELF THAT'S BEEN THEIR FOR A MILLION YEARS.) A little piece broke off, 27 mile's long and 11 mile's wide. Roughly the size of manhattan island. Just a normal constantly changeing climate . Not for a million year's on this one. Again,PROSPERITY FOR SURVIVAL. The c02 level's are 396 p.p.m. s, the highest they have been in 650,000 year's. Spike's of c02 have occured in 2003, 2004. and 2005. Why! because Man Made Green House gases from 1960 have just filtered in the system. That's why the weather has changed so radical in the last 3 year's. You aint seen nothing yet'. Stated by the Chief Climatologist at the Word Bank. A Bush appointie .

  10. Geoman says:

    Glenn D., I am sure that you are aware that the earth is at least a couple of billion…that's with a B…years old. 10,000 or even 1,000,000 is insignificant. Besides, other glaciers are actually growing. What you cite is anicdotal evidence similar to “Seattle hit a record hight today, must be global warming”.
    The Holocene maximum ocurred 4000-7500 years ago, and all evidence points to the overall temp of the earth during that time being the hotest in HUMAN history. Keep in mind that human history isn't very long to begin with.

  11. Jaxson A says:

    Why did the Wall Street collapsed? or why did it have to suffer problems in and out? Some questions that needs answers. There are too many problems our world and the people in it faces. The geniuses behind the Wall Street collapse are getting cash advances to make up for their failures. Who is footing the bill? The very people that they are causing to lose their jobs at an epic rate. A normal person conducts their finances at least somewhat responsibly. Many normal people are forced to get cash advances to pay off the credit cards and loans that they have through the very banks and credit companies that these supposedly highly qualified guys run. With these kinds of things happening, it is no wonder that middle class Americans are getting more cash advances instead of asking Bank of America for help.

  12. aloson says:

    The nature of ecological and civilizational market breakdown is quite similar to the effects of trauma on human beings. Ecological collapse is in thing an ecosystem-wide form of trauma. Obviously, the difference in scale between individual human beings and entire ecosystems and planetary-wide ecological and climatological processes creates differences, but the similarities are striking.

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