Climate Change: On the Edge

Greenland's ice caps are melting twice as fast as previously thought. This finding was revealed by the scientist that the Bush administration has been censoring. Climate is changing abruptly and is moving into runaway mode. I saw a brief mention that U.S. average temperatures in January were 8.5F degrees above the long-term average. There is something deadly in the air as climate is spinning dangerously out of control. Meanwhile our leaders are doing nothing. Is it over?

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  1. Glenn D says:

    Dr. Barry.
    Off the Greenland Coast,lie's two set's of the Great Saltwater Chimney's. These are the Great Engine's of the North Atlantic Current.One set is aimost gone, 10 of the 12 have vanished ,the remaining 2 are not stong enough to function. This is off, the East Coast of Greenland. These engines return the current back south. This happened due to fresh water intruision. With the latest Data in , that the Greenland Ice Shelf's are melting at twice the speed.It's only a matter of time , before the second set fail's, located off the West Coast of Greenland. When this happen's , the Gulf Stream will stop. It wont literaly stop, it will drop back down toward's Florida. The last time it completely stopped was 8,200 year's ago. The start of a New Ice Age. Can it happen , it happened before, based on the fossil record's. Our Government , IS PLACING PROSPERITY IN FRONT OF SURVIVAL. DR. Barry, your question was,is it over, THE ANSWER IS – ONCE THOSE LAST SET OF SALTWATER CHIMNEY'S FAIL—–YES. The fossil record's state that, not me!

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