Revelations of Scandalous Climate Science Censorship Spread

This just in from Australia – CSIRO climate change scientists were reprimanded and encouraged to resign after speaking out on global warming. This comes fast on the heels of reporting that in the United States NOAA has been found to be following NASA in censoring climate scientists. It is no coincidence that both Australia and the United States are the only major developed powers that have not signed Kyoto. The democratic system has broken down in the face of abrupt and run-away climate change. Global survival will depend upon reforming or supplanting political systems that stymie rapid scientifically based policy responses.

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  1. David says:

    For anyone in Australia, the ABC Four Corners program tonight is about attempts to censor the debate in Australia by government and industry.

  2. Almuth Ernsting says:

    As for the UK – we don't have evidence of censorship as such. Instead, we have a proposal to make 200 staff involved in wildlife and climate change impact research redundant – to save a tiny fraction of money (surely not to do away with research giving us uncomfortable results?!). They presently work for the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology which does pioneering work, eg on climate change and seabird populations, the water crisis in the south-east of England, phenology etc. Those readers who live in the UK still have two days (yes, that's all) to go to the website, click on campaigns and send off your comments. Or write to your MP even after 15/2.

  3. Matt says:

    Global Warming?
    Here is a hint:
    The atmosphere can hold 750 million tons of oxidized carbon before triggering the ice age.
    Mankind over the ages has taken some 1 trillion tons of carbon out of the natural cycle and put this under human management.
    The clacial cycle right now is at the hottest, parchest point. determined to oxidize carbon and trigger the ice age.
    In other words, the problem is no the current spike, it is this global time bomb we have created with this huge fuel source under our control.
    Out problem is not that we are triggering greenhouse, it is that we prevented the natural greenhouse from occuring a thousand years ago, because we took carbon out of the cycle.

  4. Glenn D says:

    This is true. I recently read a report,that Exon Mobile. Sent a letter too the current Administration to have a Dr Watson replaced. He was the head of the climatology Dept,of the World Bank. Based on get this, he didn't agree with Exon on global warming. His replacement issued a report 6 month's later. And it stated quote-The evidence is undisputable on global warming,and that we had a very small window left to turn it around.Then he went on to say,that the latest co2 reading's for 2004 and 2005 had spiked dramaticaly. Conclusion we may already be in a runaway climate. I wonder if he is still their.

  5. graeme drysdale says:

    further to the censoring of Australian scientists, the full transcript of the ABC 4Corners show THE GREENHOUSE MAFIA is available on
    Also available is are papers etc presented by the silenced scientists.

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