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  1. Brazilians says:

    Global Warming is a problem that affects the whole world. It is bad for human health, to the envirament and it can finish life on our planet someday.
    Global climates talks are really important, but also we need real action, like conservate energy, plant more trees, reduce carbon emissions and the politicians should try harder to help the world.

  2. John Bamforth says:

    In reading all of the information that is available on Climate Change, one thing keeps popping up quite frequently. It is the statement from various sources that “Scientists have found that they have underestimated the data, and that change will happen more quickly than first thought”.
    I am a statistician, and the number of times this type of statement crops up stands out like a sore thumb to me. I believe that we should now have serious concerns about what it will be like by the year 2030 rather than

  3. Glenn D says:

    I just read two Bill's, that were introduced in the Senate and Congress. Senate Bill 517 and Congress Bill 2995. A Bill that would allow, get this, experimental weather modification by artifical method's. Which does not include agricultural or public oversight. To be passed early in 2006. Many private weather modification companie's admit , precipitation effect's could be positive or negative. The Alaska H.A.A.P. Atmospheric Heating Program, may have the capability of changing the Jet Sream and our weather. Another plan
    ( This is a Real Good One , I Wonder What Genius Thought This One Up.) Was to place an oil slick, in front of a Hurricane to slow it's increase in strength. If this is the best they can do, they will kill us, before Global Warming does. Why dont they just deal with the problem. Instead of these , lunatic shortcut's. Again Proseperity over Survival. If they cant make money off the program's ,they wont due it. Lunacy!

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