Climate at Tipping Point of Irreparable Damage

With nearly every reputable scientist now accepting the reality of human fossil fuel caused global warming, and with the symptoms painfully evident in the natural world, increased scientific attention is now going to ascertaining at what point the damage becomes so severe and long-lasting that the Earth's habitability is put in doubt. There likely exists some “tipping point” beyond which abrupt climate changes and their deleterious and even deadly impacts are irreversible. Given global evidence that current abrupt climate change is on the far extreme of predicted rapidity and severity, in my estimation we are at or closely approaching the point where climate changes will kill billions and make vast swathes of the Earth essentially uninhabitable. Against such a massive threat a major ramping up of international policy responses including investments in energy conservation and renewable energy, and reductions in global emissions primarily through carbon taxes, are a necessity for human survival – much less prosperity.

Debate on Climate Shifts to Issue of Irreparable Change
This “tipping point” scenario has begun to consume many prominent researchers in the United States and abroad, because the answer could determine how drastically countries need to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in the coming years. While scientists remain uncertain when such a point might occur, many say it is urgent that policymakers cut global carbon dioxide emissions in half over the next 50 years or risk the triggering of changes that would be irreversible.

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5 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    I fear that we have to prepare ourselves for a very unstable future.

  2. desertx says:

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  3. We need courageous leadership to usher in a new era. Hopefully the movement towards awareness and actions builds enough momentum to affect the dramatic changes necessary for our survival. In my town a few people have to die at an unsafe intersection before they install a signal… Unfortunately, with climate change, hundreds of millions will die and the 'signal' to avoid further catastrophe will serve no purpose.

  4. Uncle Pongo says:

    It is of course unclear just the extant and sort of changes to come, but I am of the opinion that the tipping point is past. The polar caps are on their way to total melt, and the BAU model will apply long enough to see it through.
    If that is so, then here's a question:
    Do we enter a new epoch then?
    Or even a new period?
    The Holocene will effectively end with the melting of the caps, so is there a name for the new epoch?
    We should be using that new name in all correspondence, helping to make the public aware of the inevitability.

  5. Glenn D says:

    Dr. Barry.
    We already past that point. It started in 2004, when Florida was hit with 4 Hurricane's. Followed by a record number of Hurricane's in 2005. With 3 Cat 5 Hurricanes, one in which was the strongest ever recorded. And another thing , these 3 storm's were different. They all had large amount's of lightning. Which mean's they had vertical wind's very rare, but all 3. Now they are saying that the recent Nor-Easter had lighting ,that's what made it so stong.Their is a pattern here that's producing very strong storm's. A tipping already in progress?

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