Sustainability Policy Needed if Earth to Have a Future

The state of scientific knowledge in regard to global ecological sustainablity, as represented in the UN commissioned Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, is that if current population growth and resource consumption patterns continue there will be widespread global ecological collapse and human death. When will the warnings and prescriptions of the world's leading ecological scientists, 1,300 from 95 countries, be acted upon? By then will the Earth's biosphere still be functional?
'Green' Measures Key to Earth's Future, Report Says
“By 2050, the planet's population will increase to 9 billion, with most people migrating to massive cities… if major changes are not made in the way humans consume natural resources, there will be widespread famine, severe shortages of clean water and huge impacts from natural disasters such as hurricanes. Cities will be beset by vast amounts of wastewater and sewage. Sea levels will rise, fisheries will collapse, emerging disease epidemics will sweep across the globe and coral reefs will die off…”

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