Climate Policy Let Down by Big Polluters

Of all the ludicrious, criminally negligent, dangerous shirking of global leadership – the world's leading polluters have announced that their industries will bear most of the responsibility for offsetting global warming. This is the best climate change policy we can expect after two decades of international talks? No talk of binding commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The best they could do was pledge a combined paltry $127 million for promotion of renewable energy sources and cleaner ways to use coal. This is clearly inadequate.
The leaders of the U.S. China, India, Australia, South Korea and Japan should be rounded up and horsewhipped for an utter lack of stewardship of the global ecological commons. What a bunch of imbeciles. Their utter lack of ability to escape fossil fuel addiction, to limit their populations, protect remaining large natural vegetational expanses — and the other perfectly sensible policies known, available now and necessary to achieve global ecological sustainability — threatens humanity's and the Earth's very existence.
The criminal oil/coal industry and government oligarchies that rule much of the world must be removed from power or we will all die.

EXCERPT: THE six governments responsible for nearly half the world's greenhouse gas emissions will rely on industry to shoulder most of the burden of offsetting global warming. Ministers from Australia, the United States, Japan, China, South Korea and India yesterday formed eight groups to research ways to reduce emissions but will not report back for at least a year on exactly how that will be done. No targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions were set and no timetable for how quickly emissions need to be lowered was acknowledged at the end of the first meeting of the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate.

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