Paved Road to Pierce Heart of the Amazon

amazon_rainforest_road.jpgThe Brazilian environmental agency has granted a license to pave BR-163 – the 1,100 mile long north-south highway which cuts through the Amazon. This is certain to increase deforestation in the mighty Amazon rainforest, 17% of which has been deforested over the last four decades. Three-quarters of this deforestation has occurred within 30 miles of paved roads. This is the beginning of the end of the Amazon as a large unfragmented whole, and its ability to maintain its biodiversity and global planetary ecosystem services.

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14 Responses

  1. mrs kathleen shipley says:

    any virgin rainforest should be left as such and not despoiled. Indigineous peoples living with these swaths of virgin forest will suffer and be destroyed by contact with outsiders and this should not happen. Earth needs all the rainforest remaining to be left alone it is humankinds last remaining filter to the pollution we as humans have caused to our planet. without these trees earth will gradually become devoid of life as we all choke to death through lack of oxygen!!

  2. Diane Hennessy says:

    Please consider the future of your children and grandchildren – as I am. We must be the guardians of this planet, not the destructors.
    With concern,

  3. Christiane Jaeger says:

    I am shocked to hear about the licence to pave the north-south highway through the Amazon rainforest. Paved roads are the eventual death-knell of intact ecosystems. There are innumerwble reasons why humanity cannot afford to lose the health of the Amazon rainforest. One reason stands out: the dire consequences for the earths climate.
    Please, reverse your decision.

  4. Roger Doudna says:

    It's OUR lungs that are at stake here! Please protect them for your sake as well as ours.

  5. Marc Willoughby says:


  6. EYUSS MANJAH says:


  7. Gaile Carr says:

    Please think of the future. We must leave our children and grandchilderine a viable Earth.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It is extremely counterproductive to continue cutting down your most valuable resource, the rain forest. Without it your country would not even be on a map. If you cut that forest you'll be known for having the world's largest ditch cutting through your country, the Amazon ditch!

  9. craig hart says:

    We must somehow get the plight of the rainforest back on the radar in the backrooms, and among the CEO's in the developing world, and convince them to invest in sustainability. Or not invest at all.

  10. Jennifer M says:

    It is a sad time in the history of 'mankind', for we, as a whole, have been anything but kind to Mother Earth. Once the Amazon has been stripped, raped & gutted, our time here is limited, and potential future generation will never know the beauty that was – and could have been.
    The ONLY answer to such a bleak outlook is to ban TOGETHER and USE our voices and our collective power to put a STOP to such destruction… NOT 'someday' or 'later'… but NOW!

  11. Alberto Villalba. FIT-ACE says:

    Protecting the Nature you are protecting yourself too!
    Muito obrigado.

  12. Dellianan of the Sea says:

    How Horribly sad that this is still happening to our Mother Earth when we Know there are other- better ways to live. Why are Humans so greedy? When will they wake up and see the reality of their actions?!

  13. Caren Furtado says:

    Stop now before you regret what you do without recourse to change it.

  14. Michael McCarthy says:

    Hideous news.

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