Panama Power Line Plan to Destroy Darien Gap Rainforest Wilderness

rfprint.jpgPanama and Colombia are planning to construct an electricity transmission line to link their power grids through the remote Darien Gap rainforest — a 10,000-square-mile swath of impenetrable jungle on the border of Central and South America. This will require cutting a path at least 130 feet wide through virgin rainforest — opening the area to explosive deforestation, loggers and rebel militias. Please take action now.

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2 Responses

  1. tom root says:

    Please reconsider the plan to put a power line through the Darien Gap rain forest. The damage to the ecosystem will be great and permanent. The economic gains will be short lived. Do something good for your grand children. It's their world too.

  2. Christiane Jaeger says:

    Please, look for and implement other options. There will be other places to link the power grids instead of going straight through irreplaceable prisitne rainforest, thus making the area accessible to people for commercial interests. We cannot afford to lose any more intact ecosystems.

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