EcoInternet Launches Rainforest Portal

Focus upon ending ancient rainforest logging and other ecologically sufficient policy responses
(Wisconsin, USA) – A new Rainforest Portal dedicated to protection of the world's remaining tropical rainforests and the rights of their inhabitants is launching today. The new site at is the latest is a long list of highly successful environmental portal offerings by EcoInternet, Inc. The portal provides unprecedented rainforest action, news, search and analysis capabilities.

“Protecting and restoring the Earth's rainforests is a condition for both local and global ecological sustainability,” explains Dr. Glen Barry, President of EcoInternet. “Sadly, rainforest loss and diminishment remain unacceptably high, threatening biosphere function and the very biological fabric of being.”
“Climate stabilization, species conservation, freshwater availability and development potential in tropical countries and the world all depend upon maintaining large rainforest ecosystems. The age of industrial rainforest development is over, and the Rainforest Portal will in particular target all parties continuing to carry out and justify first time commercial logging of ancient rainforests. The myth of sustainable ancient old-growth forest logging will be smashed.”
As with EcoInternet's other web sites (1), the Rainforest Portal is dedicated to the pursuit of truly adequate policy responses – in this case, achieving complete protection of the world's remaining rainforests. This sets the effort apart from many rainforest conservation efforts based upon what is easily marketable, making for good public relations and fund-raising, but with patchwork policies that are insufficient and often counter-productive.
“The Rainforest Portal will be different than other types of rainforest conservation organizations generally in existence: bloated bureaucracies, paper tigers and foundation fed compromise collaborationists. And the focus will be tightly upon rainforest conservation. The site will never advocate industrial logging of ancient rainforests as being acceptable in order to appear reasonable and raise money – stealthily selling out what we are sworn to protect.”
EcoInternet is already the home of the world's largest and most frequently used “Forest Conservation Portal” at — which will continue with a world wide forest conservation focus. The Rainforest Portal will continue's tradition of ecological science based rainforest conservation advocacy. The site features a modern, functional graphic interface of a type soon to be replicated on all EcoInternet web sites.
“Working as a rainforest advocate for 17 years, it has long been my dream to build a web advocacy site dedicated to the protection of these ancient ecological and evolutionary masterpieces. This has been hobbled by a string of unreliable partners, but now because of the generosity of hundreds of individual small donors, the dream has become a reality.”
Together the Rainforest Portal, EcoInternet's international network of citizen activists and collaborating groups expect to be saving lots of rainforests in coming years – helping to usher in an era of global rainforest and ecological sustainability.
Dr. Glen Barry
EcoInternet, Inc.
P.O. Box 433
Denmark, WI 54208
+1 920 776 1075 phone
1.) In addition to the new Rainforest Portal at < >, EcoInternet's environmental portals include:
Eco Earth — http://www.EcoEarth.Info/
ClimateArk — —
WaterConserve —
Ocean Conserve —

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