As Climate Science Advances, Scale of Predicament More Clear

Levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), the principal gas that drives global warming, are now 27 pct higher than at any point in the last 650,000 years, according to research into Antarctic ice cores. The more we learn about climate change, its rate and its impacts; the more the scale and magnitude of human impact upon global ecological systems becomes apparent. We are really in trouble as advances in climate change science (and obvious impacts just outside our door) indictate we may have reached or being reaching a tipping point where abrupt and major climate shifts are underway. It is clear that immediate efforts to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions are absolutely vital to humanity's survival. Vague commitments to adapt to changes and reduce the rate of growth of greenhouse gases will doom humanity to eco-armaggedon. Climate change is deadly serious – and either we accept that ecological sustainability takes preference over unbridled economic growth or we die.
Core Evidence That Humans Affect Climate Change
An ice core about two miles long

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