Water Vapor Climate Feedback

As greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere increase due to humanity's pervasive presence upon the Earth, a range of feedbacks threaten to tremendously increase resulting impacts. Additional research again highlights the degree to which water vapor is a greenhouse gas. And it is gaining in importance as existing warming causes greater evaporation. Climate change is indicative of broader collapse of natural ecosystems. What is becoming apparent is the degree to which we have altered the biosphere with unknown feedbacks and potentially horrific consequences.
Water Vapor May Be Biggest Contributor to Higher Global Temperatures, Researcher Says
An unexpected greenhouse gas — water vapor — may be the biggest factor contributing to higher global air temperatures… Other greenhouse gases heat the ground, which causes more water evaporation that in turn further increases ground and then air temperatures…

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  1. Almuth Ernsting says:

    I have read the recent posting at http://www.realclimate.org/ which discusses this. I am still trying to get my head around the science behind this – but the scientists on RealClimate are putting a different slant on this. They argue that the study proves that the common understanding of the greenhouse effect is correct. They do not view it a as surprise, or an unexpected feedback – without water vapour feedback we wouldn't need to have worried much about global warming in the first place.
    It sounds as if this study is yet another proof that global warming is just as bad as scientists have been predicting for years, and that climate sceptics who say otherwise are wrong.

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