China Doubles Renewable Energy Targets

China has doubled its target for renewable energy use for 2020. While this is good news, clearly economic growth by China and the rest of the over-industrialized world will remain mostly fossil fueled. To effectively address climate change reductions in emissions must occur, and we are far from that point. Nonetheless, at least the Chinese are trying and have the rhetoric right. Unlike the United States where oil addiction and denial threaten a deeply ecologically unsustainable way of life.
China pledges to double reliance on renewable energy by 2020
China, the world's second biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, announced plans yesterday to more than double its reliance on renewable energy by 2020, which could make it a leading player in the wind, solar and hydropower industries. But environmentalists said that Beijing's new target was still not ambitious enough to offset the climatic damage caused by its spectacular economic growth, which will continue to be predominantly fuelled by coal.

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