Greenhouse Gases to Rise Yet More

If greenhouse gas emissions increase by 50% in the next 25 years, as the International Energy Agency recently found, the Earth will be hard pressed to maintain an operable climatic system. Climate scientists have indicated that a 60% CUT in such emissions is required by 2050 if we are to avoid the most egregious and abrupt climate changes. Clearly if the world is to avoid the most terrible weather extremes, climatic instability and deadly ecosystem crashes; we must stop and reverse this trend at all costs. This may include limiting human population, rationing energy and more equitably sharing the Earth's wealth. It will not be easy but our survival as a species requires it.
BBC NEWS | Business | Greenhouse gases 'to rise by 52%'
Global greenhouse gas emissions will rise by 52% by 2030, unless the world takes action to reduce energy consumption, a study has warned.

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  1. Peter says:

    Seems like the scenario of ancient Rome- that as the city burned, Nero played his fiddle.
    The powerful powers may be have an incredible hold on the future balance of climate world wide- they being the OIL companies and their political puppets and co conspiritors- (Bush, Cheney, et al) Throw in renagage emerging manufacturing giants like China, India and other third world regions and you have a recipe for disaster. The amount of greenhouse emissions will increase- faster then we currently believe- climate change by 2030 will be playing havoc around the planet- perhaps then 'some effort' will then begin to slow these emmissions- but by then it will be too little too late.

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