Oceans in Crisis

I remember being told by a friend only fifteen years ago that oceans were so massive that humans could never significantly alter or damage them. As with every formerly massive ecosystem, the oceans are now succumbing to the human disease. The scale of the human enterprise has simply become too huge to be accomodated any longer by the Earth. We shall learn to live within ecological limits or we will die in huge numbers as ecosystems begin their inevitable and deadly collapse.
New Historical Data on the Seas Spells Alarm
New historical data reveal that the world's oceans are in crisis, largely due to overfishing — and they may not recover. The records indicate that the existing model for commercial fishing will exhaust fisheries in a decade or two.

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  1. Erik Gauger says:

    Hi, I thought you may be interested in this story about an ocean in crisis – a crazy story about a small island fighting an American developer for the future of their reef.

  2. Gail says:

    Why not do something for the oceans today?
    Greenpeace is on a year long journey to defend our oceans, the next action will be against the pirate fishing in West Africa, which is a threat to our oceans due to destructive fishing methods but none the less for the poor nations who are losing their ways of survival. With just a few clicks you can help and it won't cost you anything. visit the oceans site.

  3. eg says:

    They have renewed Whale Hunting! Boycott all Iceland products and stop tourism!

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