The End to Natural Forest Regeneration

Many in the U.S. Congress continue to embrace the industry sponsored fraud that logging of forests is required to make them healthy. It is hard to imagine how forests survived for all those millenia pre-human industrial logging. The recent gamesmanship involves Congressional efforts to open up forests that have been burned and undergone other natural disturbances to industrial logging. Again they couch it in terms of forest health and restoration. What a sham. Burned forests are completely natural, and they possess the processes to naturally regenerate themselves. Efforts to log and then replant mostly monocultures of timber species turns a healthy, regenerating forest landscape full of life and ecosystem outputs into a toxic tree plantation.
Bill to Force Logging Public Forests After Fires Introduced
Nearly 100 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have sponsored legislation that they say would expedite the cleanup and restoration of federal forests after catastrophic events such as wildfires, hurricanes and windstorms.

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